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School staff members are responsible for keeping students safe and in line with national, state and local technology guidelines and best practices. Those in dedicated school guidance counselor roles, however, have a specific obligation to take a lead on student safety and wellbeing practices.

As one of the first points of contact for at-risk students, counselors should be required to assess information about safeguarding concerns and then determine the most appropriate response. Tech is now engrained into the education landscape, so digital safety is equally as important as physical safety. Impero EdProtect and Impero EdAware help school guidance counselors protect students’ safety online and record safeguarding incidents, helping to provide a full contextual picture by bridging online and offline safety concerns.

Our internet safety partnerships

Here at Impero, we work closely with our customers, charities, and specialist organizations to ensure that we’re the first to respond to the changing internet safety landscape. This includes making use of new technology and responding to the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to help schools gain access to eRate funding.  That’s why Impero is trusted by guidance counselors across the United States to help fulfil welfare and safeguarding obligations and keep students safe.

We’re proud that our keyword libraries have been developed in partnership with numerous expert bodies, including the IWF, Victvs, Beat, ABA, and SafeBAE, a charity co-founded by sexual assault survivors Daisy Coleman, Ella Fairon and Jada Smith, who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy.

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