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The transition from high school to college demands the standard of software for colleges to step into high gear. On reaching this stage in their education, students will already be accustomed to the benefits of online learning. And with courses centered on specific majors and subjects, the need for quality research resources, better communication and efficient network security grows.

A media center packed full of adults of all ages, with varying levels of aptitude, a multitude of learning styles and a range of different requirements, can make controlling the digital classroom a mammoth task. Age aside, all students are aware of the distractions offered up from the digital world – and internet safety risks apply to all. Then there’s the management of a large and ever-changing network, serving thousands of users from students to educators, to consider.


Controlling a college media suite full of young or mature adults, undergrads or post grads, all with different requirements, varied levels of understanding and a good knowledge of the distractions offered up from the online world, can be an impossible task. Keeping tech-savvy college students safe in this environment, amidst all the dangers and risks associated with digital working, is the next challenge. And then there’s the heavy administrative task for college IT teams, managing a large and frequently changing network.

Our solutions are developed in partnership with a host of internationally-recognized charities and specialist organizations, including the IWF and SafeBAE, a charity co-founded by sexual assault survivors who appeared in the NETFLIX documentary Audrie & Daisy, to ensure that we’re the first to respond to changes.

Discover how Impero EdTeach can help to improve the digital learning environment for adult learners, with a unique offering of classroom control, monitoring and instruction tools.

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