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When students enter a career and technical education program, they are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate, college and career-ready manner. Even so, the classic issues associated with online learning remain commonplace.

Career and technical schools support a variety of students from various feeder schools and career clusters; these students also typically bear an array of learning styles. And a vast offering of programs – from agricultural science and engineering to welding and graphic arts technology – means the need for enhanced learning environments and specialist resources grows. In turn, so does the need for computing monitoring software.

Impero Education Pro

Regardless of age or ability, all students can fall prey to the distractions of the online world or, worryingly, risk their safety. Oftentimes instructors need to move around a large lab, classroom or shop area. During such times, they need the peace of mind that students are safe and focused in their online environment.

Next, there’s the management of a large network, hundreds of users and multiple applications to manage, which can lead to the rise of network security issues. It’s strenuous, it’s costly, but it’s essential.

Impero Insight

Impero Insight transforms a career and technology college’s Impero data into stunning, graphical reports that can be viewed, compared or contrasted on any device type. Powered by an industry-leading Business Intelligence engine, and an addition to Education Pro, Impero Insight is an advanced, cloud-based, reporting and analytics module. It automatically pulls data from one or multiple servers into pre-defined, rich-visual dashboards, enabling staff to view data across multiple campuses. Career and tech colleges can then view, compare and contrast data to help inform decision-making, related to internet safety or welfare for example. By identifying safeguarding trends, across one campuses or the whole college, career and technology colleges are empowered to make the most informed responses, including addressing such issues with the students directly.

What’s more, dedicated tailored dashboards can be set up for relevant stakeholders, such as those responsible for the welfare and pastoral care of students. With secure authenticated access permissions, schools and districts can ensure that the right people have visibility of the right information relevant to their role.

Impero EdLink

What about mobile device management? Compatible with Android, iOS and Chrome OS, EdLink is designed to be used alongside Education Pro to enable career and technology colleges to support BYOD and 1:1 programs, while protecting students and their devices. IT teams are afforded an array of tools to control student-owned and school-owned mobile devices by managing access to content and enabling/disabling settings, as per the establishment’s requirements and acceptable use policies. This centralized approach to MDM serves to keep students protected from the myriad risks of working online when using mobile devices to enable learning.

The general management of mobile devices is also simplified; career and technology colleges can control device settings by pushing out actions in bulk, such as installations and updates, or enforcing safe search or forcing single application mode. With granular reporting, inventory management and geo-location technology, Impero EdLink is designed to help support successful mobile device integration and realize the benefits of mobile learning across US career and technology colleges.

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