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Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) located in Reno, Nevada is made up on 4 campuses offering a range of subjects including veterinary technical programs, construction and manufacturing to performing arts. With an increased use of devices in the classroom, TMCC needed to find a solution that could help excel their teaching and learning throughout the college.


Back in early 2016, TMCC were utilizing Smart Sync for their classroom management needs. This product worked well and was simple to use, however Smart Sync was marked as discontinued and would not support newer versions of Windows and Mac OSX. Ensuring that TMCC had a product in place that was well-supported proved a key priority for the IT team, highlighting a need for a new solution.


At this point the search for a new solution began, but TMCC did not have to look far. Impero had recently partnered with Smart Technologies to provide Smart Sync customers with a recommended path for upgrading to Impero Education Pro. Due to its similar functionality TMCC contacted Impero immediately and sent over an evaluation copy to vet Impero Education Pro further. Once trialled within a classroom at the college, TMCC realized Impero Education Pro worked much like Smart Sync but also offered additional features, including a suite of network management tools and comprehensive internet safety functionality.


Switching from Smart Sync to Impero Education Pro was relatively simple. TMCC liaised closely with Impero’s dedicated technical support team to get the solution set up across the college network. After a few tweaks, the college’s issues were quickly solved and the software was up and running across all campuses.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, the Truckee Meadows Community College has realized several core benefits, including:

Controlled behavior – With classroom management tools teachers are able to broadcast their own or a student’s screen to demonstrate tasks or showcase exemplary work, as well as locking screens to gain attention and keep students on track with the task at hand.

Saves time – The network management features allow the IT team to remote control any machine across all 4 campuses from a single location, to solve technical issues.

Creates good digital citizens – Real-time monitoring of all students’ online activity identifies any inappropriate content accessed or produced during a lesson, enabling teaching staff to respond to incidents immediately, offer counter-narratives and educate students on good digital behavior.

Q&A with Bo Murdock, IT Professional III

How does Education Pro make your job easier?  

With remote control, I can access all machines from one location, which means I don’t need to travel to and from each campus, which are up to 20 miles away. Previously we would have to travel to each campus to wake up the relevant PC screens; using Impero Education Pro we can remotely fix issues from the administration campus, which saves me masses of time and enables me to deal with other IT requests.

How has Education Pro helped teachers take back control in the classroom?

The teachers have quickly adopted the classroom management features. With similar functionality to Smart Sync the teachers have been using the live thumbnail view and lock screen to gain attention and keep students on task. Being able to broadcast a teacher or students screen can help demonstrate tasks during lessons or showcase exemplary work.

How would you sum up Impero?

Better control over the classroom computers and the activities students are participating in.

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