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Stephenville Independent School District


Stephenville Independent School District, Texas, US



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Impero Education Pro


Stephenville Independent School District strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of education, inside the classroom and in extracurricular activities. It is committed to a dynamic educational system and focusses on developing moral character and encouraging students of all ages to achieve their highest potential.


With six school campuses and one admin campus, Stephenville ISD faced the arduous task of managing approximately 2000 devices across several locations. Previously, Stephenville ISD had NetOp Vision in place before migrating over to NetSupport for its network and classroom management needs; these solutions failed to handle the plethora of connections associated with Stephenville ISD’s network. The school district also faced many of the issues typical of a school IT environment, such as students falling off task with the distractions of the digital world.


The previous solutions caused a strain on the school district’s resources due to the way they dealt with the network’s connections. Since Impero Education Pro is based on a centralised server, it would eliminate this issue and help Stephenville ISD to free up resources on its network. Education Pro’s remote control feature would allow Stephenville ISD’s technical team to respond to technical issues at any one of its seven campuses, whilst the classroom management functionality would afford a controlled IT learning environment.


The setup of Stephenville ISD’s network resulted in issues with Education Pro performing as it should during the initial stages of the implementation. Impero adapted the software to work correctly, and it was at this point that the school district became part of Impero’s beta programme. Since then, the school district has worked relentlessly with the Impero team to test and trial new versions, helping to discover any potential issues with usability.



Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Stephenville ISD has realised several benefits, including:

Saves timeremote control speeds up technical support response time and reduces the need to travel to physical locations in order to resolve problems.

Improves efficiencythe broad functionality of Education Pro has simplified network management using software licensing, live thumbnail view, and remote control.

Focuses learningtutors using the software in the computer labs use the software to restrict access to websites and applications, in order to keep students focused on the task at hand. Some tutors are making use of the exam module to enhance learning and love having visibility of the entire class.


Q&A with Luke Reagor, Network Administrator

How has Education Pro helped you to perform your role?

Of course, it’s simplified several process, which has allowed me to focus my attention on other tasks. Remote control is super handy and significantly faster than other solutions in the marketplace. Myself and other technicians can remote tasks and support all seven campuses from a single location.

Can you describe your experience of Impero’s beta programme and technical support service?

No other software company – or any company for that matter – I’ve ever come across has worked with the customer, to the extent that Impero does, to get things right. It’s remarkable to have a company that cares about the customer enough to do this, and it’s great to know that we’re helping other schools to become more efficient. We’re able to give feedback directly back to Impero, providing insight and suggestions based on our day-to-day user experience – it’s like having a bespoke solution. Other companies don’t always listen to the customer or their needs, but Impero works with you, side-by-side.

What are the next steps?

We’ll continue to be part of the beta programme and hopefully contribute to making Education Pro a better product. Moving forward we’re looking to employ the print management and patch management features more, and we’ve just invested in YouID, so we’re really excited to get started with that!

How would you sum up Impero?

Exceptional software with exceptional support.


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