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St. Andrew Catholic School (Diocese of Orlando) sits in the heart of South Orlando and was built in response to the demand by the community for a Catholic School. St. Andrew’s technology landscape included 80 classroom and lab computers, but began a BYOD program which added many platforms. With just a single member of staff (the school’s IT coordinator) responsible for managing the network, in addition to the role of technology instructor, St Andrew’s required a solution to help manage all devices with limited resources.


Prior to Impero Education Pro, the school researched many options for classroom and network management, including Lanschool, which used too much bandwidth and was not an efficient solution.


While researching network and classroom management solutions, the school’s IT coordinator came across an online list of recommended software options. Impero Education Pro caught her eye. She contacted an Impero representative and downloaded the Education Pro free trial for her school technology lab. After testing the full software suite for two months, Impero Education Pro was fully implemented on all devices.


Following the relocation of the main school server into the technology instruction lab, the implementation of Education Pro was quick and simple.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, the St. Andrew Catholic School has experienced a variety of benefits, such as:

Improves efficiency – speedy remote control functionality enables the IT coordinator to respond to technical support requests from other educators remotely, while in her own lab, without interrupting class time.

Enhances classroom management – the ability to push out one website to all students at the same time allows instructors to focus the classroom quickly. This function is especially helpful with elementary students who have difficulty typing in long URLs accurately.

Improves digital citizenship – the ability to monitor all student devices encourages students to make good choices online.


Q&A with Tree Booher, IT Coordinator and Technology Instructor

Tell us about a helpful way to use the Impero Education Pro features

All the computers in the school are set up to be monitored by me as an IT Coordinator, so I can remotely monitor teacher and student computers. This allows me great freedom because as both IT manager and tech teacher, I am pressed for time. I often get trouble tickets from other teachers wanting software installed or computer glitches. If I am in the middle of teaching my class, I am able to quickly get onto their computer while they’re teaching, and fix the issue without taking time away from their class or mine.

What IT feature do you use most often?

When a teacher says certain websites won’t open or programs won’t work, I can remotely view and control the computer from my desk. The teacher sees everything I am doing, dissimilar to other remote desktop products, which locks them out. For simple fixes, the teacher can follow along with what I am doing so if the problem comes up again, the teacher can fix it without calling me.

What is your favorite classroom management feature?

One – the action to push out websites all at the same time. Example: All students grades 4 to 8 had to take a Survey Monkey survey. The web address was very long, so I copied and pasted in the action to push out the website to all students at once, which saved 10 minutes of class time. It used to be so frustrating to deal with getting all the kids on the same site before then.
Two – adding websites as favorites. With the favorites feature, I don’t have to find a website, copy and paste every time. I just click on the favorite site for a certain class, and boom – everybody is up and running in 30 seconds.

How would you sum up Impero?

Impero is more than just an IT tool, it’s great for teachers & librarians too.

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