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Located less than 20 miles from midtown Manhattan, Roslyn Public Schools are committed to STEAM and offer a large range of engineering and computer-based courses. The array of technical knowledge provided from staff allows every student (from kindergarten through to grade 12) to partake in a dedicated computer education program, designed to help prepare them for the growing digital world.


To support digital learning in the classroom, Roslyn Public Schools were utilizing iPads. However, as part of a summer implementation project Roslyn Public Schools purchased a large license of Chromebooks. This transition from iPads to Chromebooks as part of its 1:1 initiative left Roslyn Public Schools needing a solution to monitor and manage its Chromebooks alongside its Windows labs.


Beginning the search for a new solution to control its devices, Roslyn Public Schools considered just a simple MDM solution, however this did not provide the ability to manage its labs and Chromebooks simultaneously. Having already previewed Impero Education Pro in the past, Roslyn Public Schools investigated the solution again further. Roslyn Public School soon identified Impero Education Pro as a seamless tool built by programmers but with educators in mind. After trialling the software, Roslyn Public Schools realized it could manage its labs and Chromebooks under the same application, helping to not only save time but replace disparate tools to save money in its technology budget.


After purchasing, Roslyn Public Schools jumped straight into getting Impero Education Pro pushed out across the network. With the help of the Impero installation team, the server was set up, groups created, and classrooms formed with machines for each class in no time. Any alterations or additions to these rooms take a matter of minutes to set up.

Key benefits

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Roslyn Public Schools has realized several core benefits, including:

Real-time monitoring – Alongside visibility of what students are accessing in real-time, Impero Education Pro captures online dangers, including the date, user and reason for this capture. These captures help build a picture of student activity which can later be used as evidence.

Cross-platform management – Supporting Windows labs and Chromebooks, Impero Education Pro provides classroom management, network management and student online safety tools to support multiple device management from a single location.

Remove online distractions – Using real-time monitoring and keyword detection, Roslyn Public Schools have been able to easily identify when students are accessing certain websites and applications they shouldn’t be using. With these, Roslyn Public School can improve its locked-down sites district-wide.

Q&A with Jason Lopez, Technology and Security Infrastructure Manager & Brian Stein, Network Administrator

How does Impero Education Pro help you manage and monitor your devices?   

Impero is amazing and geared towards schools! Being able to manage, analyze and resolve component pieces, we can easily branch into as much as we want in terms of reports. It’s great being able to identify what applications students are accessing during class, including those they shouldn’t be accessing. With the live thumbnail views, teachers have more control over this in their classroom. The more we look at these captures, the more we find! What’s great is, Impero is a lot less invasive than some other monitoring tools. Impero is so user-friendly, powerful and a must-have for administrators.

How has Impero Education Pro helped focus learning in the classroom?

We’ve been able to give teachers complete control in their classrooms. By being been able to allocate different rights based on permissions for each user, we don’t have to give them more than they need. The teachers love it, they’ve been able to jump onto the solution with little professional development. Being able to grab all the machines at once is one of their favorite features. For one particular teacher who uses the software very thoroughly, it’s changed his whole classroom. As soon as a student walks in the computers are locked to remove distractions. They have to wait for instructions, he even demonstrates and presents to the class using the broadcasting functionality to set the assignment. Locking down specific websites means the students are focused and on-task for the full 40 minutes. Impero is far superior to any product we’ve had in the past – the teachers love it.

How are you using Impero Education Pro to detect student safety concerns?

When we first purchased Impero we didn’t realize the student online safety features were included. In the United States, and across the world, we have to watch out for threats our students may come in contact with online. Having the ability to detect troubling words and identify where our students might be in trouble is an added benefit of Impero!

If we detect a highly sensitive keyword, we direct the notification to the appropriate person in the building so we can get the student the help they need. After seeing the benefits of Impero first-hand we have pushed the software out beyond just labs and plan to purchase additional licenses.

How would you describe the support team?

Support is great, they’re very responsive, you can’t ask for more than that. We had an issue previously and in no more than 6 minutes the support team responded back helping solve the problem. We’re tough critics and have had lots of experience with different support teams, but the Impero support team have been very impressive and we’ve loved every minute of our interactions with the team.

How would you sum up Impero?

Wow, amazing! It’s a must-have and it’s a shame more districts don’t know about it.

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