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Monmouth Regional High School District



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Monmouth Regional High School District, located in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, utilizes technology as a tool for personal and communal betterment, including digital citizenship. Using PCs, Chromebooks and iPads, Monmouth Regional High School District needed a solution to control both their Windows and Chrome devices from one console.


Before Impero Education Pro, Monmouth Regional High School District used GoGuardian to manage its Chromebooks and trialled LanSchool to manage its PCs, but this solution did not offer great functionality. With intensive use of Windows devices in IT suites, Monmouth Regional High School District began the search for a solution to manage both Chrome and Windows devices.


When looking for a new solution, the Director of IT contacted the Technology Coordinators of New Jersey, where someone recommended Impero Education Pro. After organizing a demonstration of Impero Education Pro, Monmouth Regional High School District found the solution complemented both Windows and Chrome devices. When trialling the software in the Monmouth Regional High School District environment, the teachers couldn’t wait to start using it. Following approval from those who would be actively using the software, the decision to purchase was made.


Implementing Impero Education Pro across Monmouth Regional High School District was straightforward. Following some initial training with the teachers, the client was pushed out across the IT suites. Moving forwards, Monmouth Regional High School District wants to push Impero Education Pro out district-wide to be used on all devices.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Monmouth Regional High School District has realized several core benefits, including:

cross-platform control – As a dual-platform school district, Monmouth Regional High School District is able to utilize both the benefits of Windows and Chrome devices, and manage these both with ease from a single console.

focuses learning – With live thumbnail view and email notifications, teachers can easily monitor online activity in the classroom and use technology more effectively in class.

saves time – With tools provided directly in the classroom, teachers are able to take control of their classroom such as locking the internet without having to contact the technical team for support.

Q&A with Theodore Ragavas, Director of IT

how does Impero Education Pro help manage the classroom? 

Impero Education Pro has given us a solution to classroom management. The teachers, after using GoGuardian and LanSchool have been able to shift over to the Impero Education Pro interface with very little training due to it being so user-friendly. It’s really sold itself throughout the teachers; we initially invited a few teachers to trial the software, who soon promoted it to other teachers in the district saying “hey look what I’m doing”, and interest from the teachers soon exploded. From the comfort of their own work station teachers can assign work, manage tasks and keep an eye on students to ensure they’re focused on the task at hand. They’ve also been able to use the remote control functionality and send messages to students to answer any questions without disturbing the whole class.

what are your next steps?

We are very keen to push Impero Education Pro out district-wide and use it across all our devices. Additionally, we’re interested to start using the power management features to schedule machines to power off at the end of each day.

how would you describe our support service?

Service has been excellent, they’re always very responsive.

how would you sum up Impero?

Multi-platform classroom management with ease.

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