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Located in Leesburg, Georgia, Lee County School System believe in “learning, encouraging and excelling” its students and providing a quality and challenging education with engaging learning opportunities. As technology becomes a part of these learning opportunities, Lee County School System needed a solution to manage its devices across the whole school network.


With a small number of technicians in comparison to the number of teachers, Lee County School System had a problem with controlling technology and being everywhere at once to resolve technical problems. With issues presenting itself in regards to the increased technology use, Lee County School System identified it needed a solution to help the technology team cover enough ground and close IT tickets efficiently.


Through attending technology tradeshows, word-of-mouth and contacting several other Directors of Technology in Georgia (discussing how they were providing remote assistance to users), Lee County School System soon discovered Impero provided the tools needed to manage computer labs. Having already heard of Impero, Lee County School System attended a demonstration of Impero and determined it would help overcome and improve the productivity and efficiency of the technology team at Lee County School System.


After preparing the server for implementation, Lee County School System had to learn how to set up the groups for using Impero. Deciding not to use Clever synchronize, Lee County School System set up groups manually school-wide making every lab, room and PC available to provide absolute control over the network.

Key benefits

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Lee County School System has realized several core benefits, including:

Save energy – By implementing procedures for shut down and startup of devices across the entire network, Lee County School System helps improve life of PCs and makes saving on energy bills.

Immediate support – Without leaving the office, the technology team can look at IT issues and problems around the school and resolve them immediately.

Save time – For simpler tasks such as locating machine names, Impero incorporates associated users which can be much faster than accessing the active directory directly.

Q&A with Blair Johnston, Technology Director

How does Impero Education Pro improve remote assistance?   

We’re using Impero daily. We needed to be able to close tickets faster and for those that required further attention, provide an immediate fix without having to take a trip over to the school. Through real-time monitoring and remote control we can view, manage and fix an issue, removing the need for the user to describe an issue they’re having, it stops me from having to leave my office and change gears to get something fixed. We’ve found we’re able to cover the ground a lot faster, it’s almost like hiring two techs or more. More than once a week we say the software has paid for itself.

How has Impero Education Pro helped focus learning in your computer labs?

We’re often using our computer labs for business education where we can control what our students are accessing, block the internet or only allow particular websites to keep them on task. Upon completion, sites can be unblocked and free for students to use as appropriate. Teachers also like to broadcast their screen to a student and present directly in front of them.

How would you describe the support team?

They’ve been excellent. We called in recently to ask a question about how to exclude a certain PC from being monitored. Our question was answered immediately, they showed us how to set it up, it’s all pretty easy.

How would you sum up Impero?

Tech support made easy.

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