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Founded in 1998, Indian River Charter High School (IRCHS) is rated ‘A’ by Florida’s school rating system and was recently awarded School of Excellence by the Florida Department of Education. IRCHS strive to develop skills and knowledge of its students and prepare them for their full lives. To develop this further, IRCHS wanted to replace its computers with mobile workstations, such as Chromebooks.


In order to manage classroom technology, IRCHS were utilizing Lanschool. However due to frequent problems, including freezing of students’ screens, IRCHS found it difficult to manage and focus classroom technology. With the increased use of Chromebooks, IRCHS needed a solution which had the scalability to grow with the adoption of technology throughout the school.


IRCHS contacted its vendor, Zones, to request options that had the capability to monitor and manage its Chromebooks in the classroom. Impero Education Pro was one of the options provided. After a demonstration of Impero Education Pro, IRCHS were able to realize the possibilities and full extent of functionality. It was determined that Impero Education Pro fit the needs of IRCHS better than the other alternatives on the market.


Prior to Impero Education Pro offering Clever SIS integration, the IRCHS IT team had to work closely with teachers to assist them in manually setting up groups and classes. Clever facilitated the creation of groups that simplified the overall implementation, which was described as “positive”.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Indian River Charter High School has realized several core benefits, including:

Supports one-to-one learning – With Chromebooks replacing computers, Impero Education Pro provides a live thumbnail view of full screens, rather than just open tabs, and provides simple one-click tools to manage these devices in the classroom.

Aids visually impaired students – Through the broadcast screen functionality, teachers can broadcast their own screen to a student’s screen directly in front of them, helping to remove the struggle to see the main board from afar.

Automated groups – Using Clever SIS integration, groups are created automatically, providing a quick and easy view of students that are present in a teacher’s class at that particular time.

Q&A with Ryan Duncan, IT Specialist & Gregory Zajicek, Curriculum Coordinator

How does Impero Education Pro help focus learning in the classroom? 

Teachers were heavily reliant on mobile phones to utilize websites such as Quizlet Live. With Impero Education Pro teachers now have the ability to remove mobile phones from the classroom and initiate use of Chromebooks to focus learning. Using the classroom management features, such as locking screens, structures learning time. Teachers adopt the block and allow lists feature during their class periods to ensure students are focused on the task at hand and not simply browsing the web.

One of the biggest benefits of Impero Education Pro is being able to monitor all screens. As a result of the live thumbnail view and keyword detection, IRCHS has been able to keep students on track. Students understand they are being monitored. This has assisted IRCHS to improve their behavior online.

How was the transition from Lanschool to Impero Education Pro?

Impero Education Pro is utilized more than Lanschool ever was; it’s been hugely successful around the campus. Impero Education Pro is a lot more powerful than Lanschool – watching Impero’s tutorial videos and by actively using it, the transition has been easy.

How would you describe our support service?

The support team have been great. I am able to call in and set up a remote session and they facilitate by working through each problem.

How would you sum up Impero?

Total engagement in the classroom.

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