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Located in North-Western Arkansas, Eureka Springs is a small district, using a mixture of Chromebooks, Windows desktops and laptops, and some iPads. The district is basically one-to-one, providing digital devices for every student. The district has three buildings and two full time IT technicians.


Before switching to Impero Education Pro, the Eureka Springs District was using a student monitoring system called DyKnow. This software did not work properly, as upon connecting to student devices, their screens flickered, causing the students to be aware that they were being monitored. This defeated the purpose. Additionally, the district was using SCCM for patch management. This solution proved to be too slow and cumbersome.


After seeing Impero Education Pro at the Hot Springs Technology Institute Conference (HSTI), and then participating in a demo with an Impero sales representative, the Eureka Springs IT department decided to adopt the software for the district. The decision was made to use Impero as a comprehensive solution that would replace all other monitoring and network management software running previously. Initially Education Pro has been used in all of the middle school and high school computer labs.


The installation of Impero Education Pro at Eureka Springs School District was quick and efficient. From contacting the support desk to initiate installation, remotely deploying the software to all designated devices, to giving an overview of configuration, the entire process took less than one hour.


Consolidated solution – Eureka Springs was able to eliminate three previously used network, classroom, and internet safety software solutions, and instead consolidate to Impero Education Pro only. This streamlined their IT operations and provided added benefits for teachers and students.

Saves time – With only two IT staff for the entire district, having a remote solution for troubleshooting, installation, and patch management is imperative. Using Impero Education Pro allows the district’s IT coordinator to focus on purchasing, Federal funding responsibilities, and other management tasks without having to go to physical locations for troubleshooting.

Monitoring student behavior – Education Pro provides Eureka Springs with instant documentation of student behavior, allowing staff to quickly assess and address any issues of concern. Education Pro’s logs of monitored usage provides documented proof to parents and other affected parties, so there is no question of issues.

Energy savingsWith Education Pro, the Eureka Springs IT team can remotely shut down computer labs after hours, or during times of inclement weather such as snow storms. This saves a significant amount of electricity during times when it is impossible to physically get to the school.


Q&A with Pat Todd, IT Coordinator

How does Impero Education Pro help your district cut down on energy usage?

Pat: For example: three years ago, we missed 23 days of school, due to snow and ice. When we came back, there were labs that have been left on all that time. Now that we have Impero, I just remote in and shut everything down, so we save energy. We typically have at least 3 snow days per year.

How does Impero Education Pro help with student online behavior & productivity?

Pat: The monitoring and documentation of online activity is instant. If we find something questionable, we can bring up the student’s screen and see exactly what’s going on. We can then send the student an instant message. For example, when a class had a substitute teacher, one of the students was on a gaming site that wasn’t part of the classwork. I was able to log in to the Impero system as the administrator and send him an instant message saying, “This does not appear to be classroom work. Go talk to your principal.”

What was the implementation of Impero Education Pro like?

Pat: I simply contacted the Impero Support Desk. They remoted in to our network, installed the software, and gave me an overview how to configure my labs and add teachers. I only had to call back one time because I had question on how to set up permissions. Other than that, Education Pro has been been quite intuitive. I’m very impressed with the software.

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