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Impero EdAware is our safe and secure next-generation digital student safety portfolio. It’s been specially designed to simplify the recording and management of student safety concerns in an education setting.

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Effective and secure student wellbeing and mental health management

Impero EdAware is our safe and secure digital student portfolio that provides a holistic view of every student’s wellbeing. It’s been specially designed to simplify the recording and management of student safety concerns in an education setting. Empowering schools and districts to monitor and audit their student safety practices, and track these concerns in a central record, Impero EdAware helps to flag early warning signs, enable informed intervention and ultimately keep students safe.

Using Impero EdAware alongside Impero Education Pro’s online student safety features provides a holistic approach to managing safeguarding incidents and risk indicators. Whether they occur in the physical world, the digital, or both, Impero EdAware and Impero Education Pro integration detects warning signs earlier.

Key features

Student profile

Have informed counseling sessions or behavior management conversations, with a detailed background and demographic profile on each student. This gives you the background information you need to intervene appropriately and make informed decisions concerning follow-up action.

Concern chronology

Access a complete safety history for each student, including wellbeing, welfare, behavioral concerns, or mental health needs, as well as first aid incidents and medical needs. View detailed chronologies and printable reports, tag concerns on multiple students, and share concerns with school staff as appropriate.

Policy audit

Store and access a range of student safety documents, such as key government legislation and memos, all located in one place. Add and log your school’s documents and policies, using the built-in audit tool to track your school’s progress and compliance to federal, state and district policies.

Granular reporting

Review intelligent, real-time dashboards that report at a student, school and district level to present insightful analysis of student risk and wellbeing across a whole school or district. This allows schools to identify trends and flag key risk factors before they escalate.

Intervention management

Track and manage the follow-up action in relation to all incidents, detailing any external referrals made. This shared progress record helps schools audit and review their student reporting activity.

Alert prioritization

Easily manage color-coded alerts, grouped by priority and allocated staff members, for efficient follow-up and effective intervention management across the entire student body.

The benefits

Intervene early

Combining a range of information across the whole scope of a student’s wellbeing (from student safety and behavior to first aid
and extremism) Impero EdAware provides a complete visual picture and the insight that staff need to contextualize risk early, before things escalate.

Protect students

Providing visibility of all factors which influence student safety, including risk indicators, staff responsibilities, school policies, and health and safety requirements, Impero EdAware enables schools to effectively track student safety concerns.

Ensure compliance

Impero EdAware places all essential and required documents in one place alongside a comprehensive audit tool, designed to enable schools to upload documents and supporting evidence to track compliance to relevant federal, state and district policies.

Go paperless

Impero EdAware moves schools off paper-based systems by providing a digital record of all student safety incidents and concerns. With ISO 27001 compliance and two factor authentication, Impero EdAware ensures this data is safe and secure and, unlike paper-based storage, protected from loss or physical damage/destruction.

Save time

With reporting language based on key legislation, staff can quickly record concern in a secure format. Impero EdAware is a browser-based solution allowing staff to access essential documents easily and quickly anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Simplify referrals

Providing school staff with an easy-to-use platform for reporting and recording student safety and behavioral concerns, with centralized referral tracking and automated generation of referral forms for timely student and family support. All evidence regarding a student’s welfare can be collated and used for referrals to relevant external services where needed.

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