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Online student safety

Impero Education Pro's comprehensive capture management tools are developed to support student online safety for schools and school districts. It supports the compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act.

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Expertly informed internet safety software for schools and districts

Impero Education Pro’s state-of-the-art student internet safety software feature supports compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) by providing an additional layer of monitoring over traditional blocking and filtering.

Focused on fostering a culture of good digital citizenship in schools, Impero Education Pro’s online student safety features helps schools and districts to educate students how to behave responsibly online and what it means to be a “good digital citizen”. Real-time monitoring, incident captures and a log of all student activity flags up potentially harmful or inappropriate behavior, empowering educators to safeguard as necessary. This best practice approach to internet safety in schools, including logging incident captures to provide contextual insight, also helps schools and districts to identify potential risk, respond before an incident escalates, and educate students about responsible online behavior.

We’ve also created a free online safety handbook, featuring a best practice framework for implementing active monitoring in schools and expert advice from our internet safety partners.

The benefits

Provides contextual insight

By providing the context to any keyword captures (with a screenshot or video recording), staff members can deal
with incidents quickly and effectively, identifying and discarding any false positives easily.

Promotes good digital citizenship

Empowering young people to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly, by educating them on risk and appropriate behaviour, so they will make the right decisions whether in or out of the school’s digital environment.

Keeps students safe

Adopting both a proactive and reactive approach to online safety, Impero EdProtect detects early warning signs so that school staff can intervene in potentially high-risk situations early and before they escalate.

Supports best practice

Developed in line with Ofsted’s ‘whole school’ best practice approach to online safety, Impero EdProtect involves the whole school community and alerts the relevant staff members to incidents as they occur.

Educating safeguarding staff

Working with specialist organisations, industry experts and charities, Impero EdProtect’s keyword libraries include detailed definitions and severity ratings. This helps to inform and guide staff members when they are alerted to a keyword capture.

Helps fulfil legal obligations

Designed in response to UK government statutory guidance, including the Prevent duty and the Department for Education’s
Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance, Impero EdProtect helps schools to fulfil their legal duty of care.

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