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Classroom management

Impero Education Pro's classroom management features enhance digital learning by providing teachers with a simple-to-use, web-based classroom management interface.

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Cross-platform, industry-leading classroom management software

Impero Education Pro’s classroom management and monitoring software empowers educators with a range of classroom control, instruction and monitoring tools to keep students on task, focused and engaged when using devices in the classroom, all within a simple-to-use, web-based interface designed specifically for teachers. Supporting Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS, Impero Education Pro provides a unique insight into learner behavior and supports the best possible student outcomes.

Designed to help promote good digital citizenship, Impero Education Pro‘s classroom management features enable teachers to facilitate technology-based teaching and learning, while enabling compliance with CIPA standards through real-time monitoring.

Key Features

The benefits

Focus learning

Removes the complexities of using technology in the classroom and empowers teachers to deliver inspiring and interactive lessons. With real-time visibility of every student device, teachers can monitor usage and block certain websites or content; this serves to focus students’ attention and remove the many distractions associated with online learning.

Maximize learning time

Automating numerous classroom activities, including pushing a URL to multiple devices and logging students on and off machines, helps to maximize learning time and improve student outcomes. The ability to create online testing conditions, including restricting access to websites and applications and monitoring student activity in real time, allows teachers to create secure environments quickly.

Improve communication

Teachers can discreetly message students to offer remote assistance, providing feedback, answer questions or lend support. The group chat functionality is great for collaborative working or students using breakout areas, while screen broadcasting can be used to demonstrate a task or highlight exemplary work.

Track progress

Live real-time monitoring and session tracking enables teachers to assess learning over time and respond to the needs of students at both a class and individual level.

Address online behavior in real time

Real-time monitoring helps teachers to identify inappropriate online behavior or misuse as it occurs, so that incidents can be dealt with promptly and addressed in the same way as offline behavioral or student safety issues.

Promote good digital citizenship

Allowing young people to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly, with sophisticated monitoring tools acting as a safety net, and empowering teachers to intervene and educate where necessary.

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