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intuitive classroom management software

Impero Education Pro’s classroom management software feature empowers teachers with a range of classroom control, instruction and monitoring tools to help break down traditional behavior management barriers, focus student learning, and keep young people safe. Designed to help promote good digital citizenship, Impero Education Pro enables teachers to facilitate technology-based teaching and learning, via one-click tools, while enabling compliance with CIPA standards through real-time monitoring.

Fully integrated into the broader Impero Education Pro package, the classroom management feature works seamlessly alongside the software’s online safety and network admin tools.

What’s more, our monitoring solution works perfectly with Windows, Mac iOS, Mac OSX, Android and Chromebook OS.

time-saving classroom monitoring

Impero Education Pro’s classroom monitoring tools is designed to give teachers the confidence to use technology in their lessons. Simple, one-click tools enable teachers to quickly and easily control, monitor and instruct their class – all from a simple interface. Whether it’s pushing a URL or opening an application across all student devices to save time, or locking student screens to gain their attention, Impero Education Pro’s classroom management software features are designed to empower teachers in the digital classroom.

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key features


focus learning

With real-time visibility of every user’s screen, staff are able to monitor device usage, establish capture alerts and block certain websites, applications or devices. This serves to focus students and remove the many distractions associated with online learning.

track progress

Impero Education Pro’s exam module, quick question and quick quiz allocation tools provide a record of results, so teachers can assess learning over time and plan in response to the needs of students on both a class and individual level.

improve communication

Teaching staff can discreetly message students, so they can assist remotely to provide feedback, answer questions or lend support. The group chat functionality is great for collaborative working and screen broadcasting can be used to highlight good work.

save time

Impero Education Pro saves masses of time for teaching staff. The ability to automate numerous classroom activities, including assigning tasks, marking exams, sending URLs to multiple devices and logging students on/off machines, helps to maximize learning time.

address online behavior in real time

Real-time monitoring and keyword detection help staff to identify inappropriate online behavior or misuse as it occurs, with screenshot or video evidence providing the wider context, so that incidents can be dealt with promptly and addressed in the same way as any other behavioural issue.

promote good digital citizenship

Providing access enables young people to learn how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly, while sophisticated monitoring tools offer a safety net empowering staff to intervene where necessary.

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