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Impero EdAware for student safety and wellbeing

Designed to simplify the recording and management of student safety concerns across your school or district, Impero EdAware is a first-of-its-kind, digital student safety system.

What is Impero EdAware?

  • Complete safeguarding history: A chronology of a student’s pastoral, child protection, behavioral concerns, mental health needs, supplemented by first aid incidents and medical needs, to create a complete scope of every student’s wellbeing
  • Intervention management and alert prioritization: For identifying, responding to and referring safeguarding incidents when required
  • Staff training record and health & safety tracking: Logs all certificates and assessments for staff training alongside scheduled building and site maintenance records

It’s accessible from all devices on any browser, using a secure log-in and password.

See Impero EdAware for yourself

To learn how Impero EdAware helps support effective safeguarding and child protection practices at your school or district, attend a webinar or book a demo using the form on the right.

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