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Classroom management software. Any student, any device, anywhere.

Fully integrates with
Microsoft Teams

Our classroom management software integrates and syncs with Microsoft Teams and its groups. Alongside the communication and collaboration tools in Teams, Impero class:room allows teachers to monitor student online activity in real-time and focus online learning.

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Focus digital learning

With Impero’s classroom management tool, students can have positive learning experiences online. Teachers can run websites, create groups, block and allow specific websites and lock screens and the internet when it’s time to focus.

Maximize learning time

Impero’s classroom management software saves time by allowing teachers to organize resources ahead of class time so online content is quick and easy to share during the lesson. Impero class:room helps teachers deliver lessons effortlessly, allowing more time for students to learn and collaborate.

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Deliver digital learning anywhere

Impero’s class management software supports all five operating systems: Windows, Chromebooks, Macs, iPads and Android devices. Impero class:room can be used on both school-owned or student-owned devices.

Our classroom management system is cloud-based, meaning Impero class:room is flexible to fully support the needs of teachers and students and ensure education continuity in remote and hybrid learning environments.

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Teach the student, not the device

Impero’s classroom management technology integrates with a school’s SIS to identify learners rather than their devices.This allows teachers to identify individual students and groups, structure lessons around student skills and capabilities and monitor their progress in real-time.

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Support every learner

With real-time visibility of student activity, Impero class:room is an all-in-one classroom management tool that allows teachers and teaching aides to work with individual or groups of students to provide support, one-on-one guidance, feedback and encouragement.

Software with wellbeing at its heart

Student safety is the foundation of effective teaching. All our products are accessed via our free digital student safety tool, Impero back:drop, putting early intervention and student wellbeing at the forefront..

And so much more

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Send message
  • Launch website
  • Tab management
  • MIS integration
  • Lock screen
  • Disable internet
  • Restrict browsing
  • Send message
  • Broadcast screen
  • Send file
  • Disable sound

Supporting students is what we do

Online and offline safety is at the heart of Impero. Impero works with over 700 schools across the U.S. to develop solutions in response to the latest education trends, and Impero back:drop is just one of many products we have designed to keep students safe. Learn about the other solutions in the Impero back:drop family such as Impero well:being, our keyword detection software and Impero web:check, our content filtering software.

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