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SafeBAE – highlighting the prevalence of sexual assault


Who are SafeBAE?

SafeBAE is  a non-profit organization created by the young subjects of the Peabody Award winning Netflix documentary, “Audrie & Daisy.”  A student-focused, survivor-driven organization, SafeBAE educates middle and high-school students about healthy relationships, dating violence, sexual assault prevention, affirmative consent, safe bystander intervention, survivor self-care, and survivor rights under Title IX. As the only national peer-to-peer organization of their kind, they help promote a culture change by giving teens the tools needed to change peer behavior, end harassing re-victimization and become activists in their own communities to spark legislative change both locally and nationally.

How do SafeBAE highlight the prevalence of sexual assault?

SafeBAE offers free materials, videos and activist tools to students, parents and school administrators, among others, for use in targeting the prevention of rape culture and dating violence among teens. This educational video highlights the prevalence of sexual assault and how such events are a common occurrence.

Sexual assaults affect 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys

SafeBAE’s co-founders have tirelessly travelled the country speaking at schools, universities and conferences. This, with access to legislators, has helped put their tools in the hands of thousands of teens in every state, making a profound impact in how students view issues surrounding teen violence. They have informed students of their rights under the law Title XI, which aims to prevent sexual violence and help survivors succeed in schools. This is extremely valuable as re-victimizaton and cyberbullying often create a culture online that makes the situation worse, leaving victims haunted and alone. SafeBAE co-founder, Jada Smith, didn’t know she had been assaulted until it was posted on social media and it went viral. Click here to hear her story and how sexual assault affected the co-founders of SafeBAE.

In a survey conducted by SafeBAE it was found that SafeBAE programming is “greatly improving” the audience’s understanding of how to avoid victim blaming by 80%, students reported they were 67% more knowledgeable about active bystander intervention, and 60% of students said that they were more aware about how to avoid perpetuating myths around sexual assault.  See the full report here.

To date, their materials have reached more than 4 million middle and high-school students

Our partnership with SafeBAE

Impero’s partnership with SafeBAE has not only enhanced our keyword detection libraries, but the organization has been instrumental in creating  a whole new library centred on sexting and terms related to the bullying of sexual assault victims.

Sexting, or sending another person suggestive or explicit digital images or videos of oneself, is not uncommon among students who are interested in each other or who are dating. However, too often – whether it’s out of revenge from a bad break-up, an attempt at a joke, or due to peer pressure – one person shares those images with a wider audience without the other’s consent; this leads to devastating consequences for the victim, increasing the prevalence of cyberbullying. This type of malicious sexting, and the cyberbullying culture online which can follow, frequently occurs or escalates when students see each other at school. The keyword libraries developed by Impero and SafeBAE can help schools detect these situations and supports early identification of vulnerable students, so that staff can intervene before the situation gets out of control. Watch Chloe’s story to see it in action.

If you want to find out more about how Impero’s keyword libraries can help vulnerable students, click here.

Find out more about SafeBAE and the work they do to highlight the prevalence of sexual assault to prevent what happened to them from happening to anyone else.

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