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Managing digital classrooms amid a pandemic- How Impero can help students learn and thrive

Managing Digital Classrooms in a Pandemic: How Impero Can Help Students Learn and Thrive


Millions of students across the U.S. have spent the 2020-21 school year learning in digital classrooms. They’ve been isolated from their friends, teachers and usual learning environments at home, and mental health issues among school-aged students are on the rise. Students aged 11-17 are now more likely than any other age group to have moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression since the pandemic began (Mental Health America, 2020). 

As they learn remotely, students also have even greater access to online distractions in their learning environments, such as social media, video games and inappropriate websites. These distractions can jeopardize optimal learning experiences in digital classrooms.

Meanwhile, as their schools shift to the new reality of hybrid and blended learning, teachers have been tasked with running digital classrooms effectively while also trying to ensure that their students can learn continuously throughout the year.

This hasn’t been an easy school year for anyone, but technology can help schools respond to the challenges of remote learning. That’s why, this week, Impero launched a fully cloud-based suite to support safe and productive digital learning, on any device, anywhere. The solutions are easy-to-use and come with free student wellbeing software to make sure students can be kept safe, even if their classrooms are online.

How do Impero’s new tools work together to keep students safe so digital learning can thrive?

Impero helps schools prioritize student well-being

  • Impero back:drop is our free student safety solution. It allows schools to record, manage and track mental health and student safety concerns anytime and anywhere. Our solution is FERPA, COPPA and HIPAA-compliant, storing student data safely and securely.

Powerful digital classroom management tools

  • Impero class:room is a cloud-based classroom management software designed by teachers, for teachers. It is easily accessible on both school-owned and student-owned devices for real-time monitoring and is fully embedded in Microsoft Teams to allow for collaboration and focused learning. Impero class:room integrates with a school’s SIS to identify learners rather than their devices, so teachers can identify individual students and groups, structure lessons around student capabilities and monitor progress in real-time.

Ensures safe learning environments

  • Impero web:check is our CIPA-compliant web content filter that protects students against malicious content on all devices, regardless of their location. Categorizing web content in 45+ languages (like Spanish, French, Mandarin and more), Impero web:check ensures safe learning environments for all learners.

Focused on prevention

  • Impero well:being uses keyword detection and active monitoring tools to capture, record and identify early warning signs of harmful online behavior. It identifies searches connected to self-harm, suicide, bullying, violence, drugs, alcohol, weapons, sexual abuse, pornography, radicalization and more.

All of Impero’s solutions are device agnostic supporting any learner, anywhere. To see how our premium products can help your school’s digital classrooms thrive, book a demo below.

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