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Making remote learning fun around the holidays

Making remote learning fun around the holidays


Millions of students worldwide are ending 2020 in remote learning environments, with class time and social interactions happening strictly online. As we draw closer to the end of the year and winter break, some teachers may be wondering how to encourage holiday festivity in their remote classrooms. What can you do to bring some festive joy to remote learning around the holidays?

Here are a few ways to make December fun during remote learning:

  1. Host a Virtual Holiday Party

The holidays are best celebrated with a party. Remote learning keeps students and teachers from meeting in person, but it gives endless possibilities for an exciting virtual celebration. Here are some fun things you can do with your virtual class:

  • Encourage students to dress in their best holiday costume. You can create categories like best dressed, ugliest sweater, or something in between to encourage your students to show their holiday flair. Vote on winners of each holiday category at the end of class.
  • Ask students to bring snacks like cookies or hot chocolate to enjoy during the lesson or during downtime.
  • Set aside time during the class day for a “party” where you can chat, listen to music, or even play virtual games together (for younger students, check out these ideas from We Are Teachers).
  1. Create a lesson led by an expert

Organize a virtual lesson with a professional cook, artist, or even someone who specializes in making TikTok videos. This lesson will be your students’ opportunity to be as creative as possible, and encourage them to ask questions throughout. If you can’t find a professional, just arrange a special holiday-themed lesson. You can show them how to make Christmas decorations and gifts, or how to make gingerbread cookies at home.

  1. Plan a holiday ‘Teams’ scavenger hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt works in the same way as a normal scavenger hunt: students hunt down items, do tasks or find places (on Google Maps, of course) in a set time period– just remotely. You can give students points based on what they find, and those students with the most points win a prize. This is a great exercise that will not only make students laugh, but it will help them work on their teamwork skills.  You can find some ideas for virtual scavenger hunts for students of any age here.

  1. Watch a movie together

Screen share and put on a holiday movie for the entire class can watch together. There are also websites that allow you to join as a group and watch the same content such as Watch2Gether.

Most importantly, schedule some down time with your students, talk amongst yourselves and enjoy the time spent remotely together at the end of the year.

From all of us here at Impero, we’d like to wish you a happy and joyful holiday and a happy New Year.

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