Make Life Easier and More Secure with this LogMeIn Alternative in 2022

With so many different remote support software options out there, it’s important to know what you’re getting before committing to a long term solution. LogMeIn,…

With so many different remote support software options out there, it’s important to know what you’re getting before committing to a long term solution. LogMeIn, previously one of the most popular remote access solutions, has come under fire for dramatic price hikes and data breaches – leaving customers looking for a LogMeIn alternative that offers transparent pricing, better security, and more flexible configurations.

With a history for unexpected price hikes and unreliable customer service, LogMeIn went from being a favorite choice for remote support software in the IT industry to being the ugly stepchild. Luckily, Impero offers the best LogMeIn alternative currently in market.

Where Did LogMeIn Go So Wrong?

In 2016, LogMeIn customers accused the remote support software company of dramatically increasing their prices without notifying existing users ahead of time. This forced many longtime customers to seek out a LogMeIn alternative. If retaining loyal customers was their goal, they certainly missed the mark.

Price hikes are not uncommon for software companies. In fact, they’re oftentimes central to a company’s business model. With Netflix and Spotify as the most visible examples, tech companies will offer a free service, or a very inexpensive one, in order to attract a large customer base. Then, once people have incorporated the software, service, or features into their daily life or business operations, the company will increase the price of the service.

This process is counting on the fact that people are willing to pay more for something they’ve already incorporated into their daily life instead of going through the trouble of switching. While many companies have successfully employed this, or similar tactics, what LogMeIn did ultimately made many of their customers find a LogMeIn alternative.

One common version of this tactic is called the “freemium” business model, where a company will continue to offer a limited suite of services at a free or lower price point, and move the most valuable services into a premium (read: not free) tier. This essentially forces regular users to start paying for a service they already have, if they don’t want to lose essential features.

There is a big catch here, though. When businesses employ the “freemium” model, they will typically notify their users about the change in features and price hike ahead of time.

Where LogMeIn went wrong, as its former customers were quick to point out, is when it upped the price of its software, it failed to notify its users and automatically charged the higher rates to customer credit cards on file. Customers then began searching for a LogMeIn alternative after they were reportedly hit with huge charges that they had no idea they were going to get.

At Impero, we offer the best LogMeIn alternative in the remote support software market. When it comes to pricing, we are committed to transparency and even offer flexible pricing models to better fit the needs of various kinds of businesses. As an example, Impero offers both perpetual and monthly pricing options, allowing you to choose whichever pricing structure works best for your company. Plus, Impero will never increase the price of service without first notifying our customers and explaining the reason for the change.

Many Remote Access Providers Have Experienced Problems in the Past

Believe it or not, unexpected price hikes aren’t the only issues that have plagued remote access providers like LogMeIn in the past. Surprisingly, some of the biggest problems faced by many remote support software providers have been security-based.

Remote support, by definition, requires that you place an immense amount of trust in both the remote parties accessing a device and the software facilitating that access. Due to the fact that remote access often grants remote users high permissions levels, you should choose a remote support provider that doesn’t have a history of hacking and/or security breaches.

(A brief aside on hacking and security breaches: When it comes to software and data, people often use the term “hack” and “security breach” interchangeably. But, there are some key differences between the two terms. A hack is an intentional act carried out by a malicious actor attempting to break into a closed system to steal data. A security breach refers to a situation where data is unintentionally left vulnerable, and that data is then viewed or accessed by someone who shouldn’t have access to it. For more info on the difference between “hack” and “security breach” check out this article from Dashlane.)

Regardless, companies like LogMeIn and Microsoft have experienced data hacks, security breaches, or both in the past. Since remote support often deals with sensitive data, many users end up looking for a Microsoft or LogMeIn alternative.

At Impero we take security seriously. We know that your data is Priority Number One, and vigilantly protect it from both malicious hacks and security breaches. With Impero, you get a LogMeIn alternative that focuses on security, instead of one that has a history of data breaches.

What Features Are Important in a Remote Access LogMeIn Alternative?

With so many people looking for a more affordable and flexible LogMeIn alternative, it’s important to make sure you’re getting everything you need in a remote support software for your business.

As mentioned, security is paramount when it comes to remote support. Whether you are providing customer support for your software products via remote access or enlisting remote support internally to assist your IT department, you need to be able to ensure all customers and users their data will stay secure through the entire remote support process.

Impero is built with total security at its core, and offers industry-leading compliance standards with every installation. As security experts, we know that your business expects the most from us when it comes to compliance. Impero is the LogMeIn alternative that offers GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPPA compliance out of the box.

At Impero we also pride ourselves in fully customizable configurations. When looking for a LogMeIn alternative, something you’re bound to run into time and again are one-size-fits-all solutions. We know that no two businesses are exactly alike, and subsequently no two businesses need the exact same remote support configurations.

As an example, Impero is one of a few LogMeIn alternatives that offers local, cloud-based, and hybrid hosting options. No matter what hosting solution works best for you, Impero has a solution that will make your transition seamless. And no matter which hosting option you choose, security protections stay paramount. When you choose Impero as a LogMeIn alternative, every option connects through our secure connectivity protocol.

Another important feature that you won’t get with another LogMeIn alternative is consolidated connectivity. When it comes to providing workforce support, we know that not all employees and users are going to have the same device running identical software versions.

That’s why Impero offers the most robust cross-platform connectivity solution in market. Our proprietary cross connectivity remote support software allows users to connect, manage, and share files across every device, including:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Toshiba 4960
  • and Windows Mobile and Embedded

Additionally, one thing to keep an eye out for is the ability to manage individual users, group roles, and systemwide permissions in one centralized location. Our mindset is, “What good is top-notch security if the software is hard to use?” With Impero’s remote support software, we’ve taken robust user role and permissions management and put it all in a single, centralized portal, making it straightforward and easy to use.

We’re committed to working with you directly to implement a remote support configuration designed specifically to fit your company’s needs – allowing you to spend less time setting it up and more time running and growing your business.

Impero is the Perfect LogMeIn Alternative (and Different from the Rest)

Searching for a good remote support and LogMeIn alternative can be exhausting. There are a ton of software “solutions” out there, but only one that can truly satisfy your company’s security, connectivity, and pricing needs. It looks like your search for the perfect LogMeIn alternative may have just ended.

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