Improve Efficiency with the Impero Connect Intel vPro Integration

Impero is excited to announce a new integration with our long-time technology partner, Intel®. Impero Connect, the award-winning remote access and remote-control solution, now includes…

Impero is excited to announce a new integration with our long-time technology partner, Intel®. Impero Connect, the award-winning remote access and remote-control solution, now includes out-of-band power management capabilities delivered via the cloud for Intel vPro® devices. 

By integrating Intel’s Open AMT Cloud Toolkit with the Connect Portal, Impero becomes the first enterprise remote control provider to offer this exciting technology. Users can unlock new efficiencies without sacrificing security by combining the Impero Connect Portal and the Intel vPro® Platform.  

Watch our webinar discussing the NEW integration with Intel vPro. 

Improve Your Efficiency 

The goal of remote access and remote-control software is to improve efficiency. Device management, troubleshooting and break-fix are faster when done remotely. Sending a technician onsite can mean hours of transit time only to find the solution is simply rebooting the device. When that doesn’t work, you run the risk of onsite technicians without the expertise or tools to fix the problem. 

Impero customers see dramatic reductions in unnecessary truck-rolls. Service desk personnel with remote access to their devices save time on problem discovery, troubleshooting, and resolution. This means a more efficient service desk and less downtime for the critical technology they maintain.  

For the past 20 years, Impero Connect has included power management capabilities as a core feature of our secure remote access solution. However, during those 20 years, network architecture has changed. Cloud infrastructure and IoT device connectivity make traditional power management schemes impossible. After all, wake-on-LAN requires a LAN.  

Like Impero, Intel has provided remote power management capabilities for over 20 years. Their Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) includes hardware-based remote manageability options. Impero Connect has offered a direct integration with Intel AMT for over a decade, but access to those options required specific network configurations.  

With the introduction of the Open AMT Cloud Toolkit, Intel® has provided a new mechanism for cloud-native remote access solutions to tap into the hardware management engine provided by the Intel vPro platform. Integrating Intel’s AMT technology into the Connect Portal allows users to access ‘manage’ for Intel vPro devices from anywhere. Management capabilities include: 

  • Power ON/OFF  
  • Power cycle  
  • Reset 
  • Reset to PXE 
  • Power on to PXE 
  • Sleep 
  • Hibernate 
  • Power off (soft) 
  • Soft reset 

Don’t Sacrifice Security 

The efficiency gains of using remote access and control software are well known. Because these tools are well-known and widely used, they’ve become targets for hackers and criminals. When selecting a remote management solution, security should be your top consideration. Will the solution’s efficiency outweigh the risk of allowing access to remote devices?  

With Impero Connect, the answer to that question is an easy yes. Connect offers market-leading security solutions, including: 

  • Strong encryption 
  • Multi-factor Authentication 
  • Role-based Access Controls  
  • Attribute-based Access Controls 
  • Robust audit logging

Impero Connect supports a zero-trust security strategy with a proven solution that meets GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS and other compliance mandates.  

Try It Today 

Out-of-band power management for the Intel vPro Platform is available today via the Impero Connect Portal. Sign up for a free solution trial and let the Impero Team know you want to activate the Intel vPro integration.  

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