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Impero team runs Derby 10K in aid of Beat

Impero team run Derby 10k in aid of Beat


At around 7am, bright and early on Sunday morning, the alarms of nine Impero employees went off in preparation for the Derby 10k. Grabbing their trainers, Derby 10k tops and numbers, the Impero team were ready for the day! Taking part in the Business Team Challenge, the Impero team were allowed to access The Pedigree Suite in the Pride Park Stadium, where they managed to squeeze in a quick team photo before heading down to the start line.

a timeline of the Derby 10K

A timeline of the Derby 10K

Congratulations to the team for finishing in such fantastic times, especially Jonathan Sullivan who finished in an impressive 45:27!

$930 raised for Beat

As a result of donations from, colleagues, friends, family, the Impero team were able to raise a total of $930 for Beat. Each stretch of the Derby 10k, the sweat, the aching muscles and let’s not forget the blisters, helped raise $93 per kilometre! We’d like to thank everyone for all of their kind donations.

why Beat?

One of our online safety partners, Beat is a leading charity supporting anyone affected by eating disorders. With an estimated 30 million people suffering from eating disorders in the U.S. Beat help support eating disorder sufferers and their families to give them the help and care they need for a full recovery. The $930 raised will helped Beat run their helpline services for just over half a day –  if this helps just one sufferer it make all the running and donating worth it.

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