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How Impero Education Pro can save you money


Have you started allocating your surplus technology budget yet? Here at Impero, we understand that budgets can be extremely tight, which is why we have outlined four ways in which Impero Education Pro can help save you money in the long term.

four ways Impero Education Pro can save you money

Purchasing multiple products for classroom management, online safety, inventory management, network management and print management (the list goes on!), can be extremely costly. Impero Education Pro consolidates eight product areas into one, all in a user-friendly console. Gone are the days of remembering various renewal dates. Say goodbye to multiple support contracts and licensing fees.

Impero Education Pro comes with clever print management software features to reduce printing costs across your school district or entire network. By assigning print credits on an individual basis, restrictions can be applied to enforce a reasonable usage policy and prevent careless behavior from those print-happy users. This print management feature prevents your school/district’s print costs from spiralling out of control.

Did you know that unattended or unused devices are responsible for one of the most significant hidden costs in IT? The power management features in Impero Education Pro enables devices to be shut down or powered on at scheduled times, over-night, over the weekend or over the holidays. These features allow you to monitor and manage computer usage wisely and, when used fully, can deliver a return on investment in just 6-8 months!

When budgets are already being stretched thin, it is crucial that education institutions maximize the usage of existing equipment before further investment is made. Impero Education Pro includes a desktop management software feature that reports on the utilization patterns of devices across school/district networks. Impero Education Pro can save you money by discovering, which machines are used regularly, which are never used and allows for repositioning rather than repurchasing of equipment.

what do our current customers think?

We asked our customers “how does Impero Education Pro save you money?” – here’s what they had to say:

“At the district we have a dedicated employee who monitors our electricity and gas consumption month-on-month, showing that we’ve actually saved millions of dollars since using Education Pro!” – Mike Sweeder, Egg Harbor Township School District

“We set Impero Education Pro to shut all the labs in the district down at 3pm – it saves us tons of money and time.” – Debbie Bracken, The Community Schools of Frankfort

“During a power management project, Impero Education Pro’s power management feature contributed to a $1m cost saving for our school district” – George J. Weeks, Glassboro Public Schools


Our loved comic hero, Netman, previously battled the budget with Impero Education Pro, find out how here. Learn more about how you can save money with Impero Education Pro by booking a demonstration with us today!

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