Remote Support Software: The Best TeamViewer Alternative for Security in 2022

When it comes to choosing the right remote support software for your business, you have a lot of options to choose from. Many remote support companies claim…

When it comes to choosing the right remote support software for your business, you have a lot of options to choose from. Many remote support companies claim to offer a suite of features that differentiate them from the rest, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for and what features matter most to the success of your individual business.

TeamViewer is a popular choice for companies, however their remote support software solutions have been plagued by security issues. If you currently use TeamViewer, it might be time to switch.

A simple Google search instantly brings up dozens of remote support software providers. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features that can help you differentiate one remote support software from the next and how to choose the best TeamViewer Alternative for you.

Why Not TeamViewer?

TeamViewer has become something of a cautionary tale in the remote support software community. It may sound crazy, but a few years ago Hungary’s National Security Authority reported a major software attack that was carried out using vulnerabilities in TeamViewer software.

The Hungarian National Security Authority discovered the extensive malicious attack. According to the report they published, “A distinct feature of the attack is the abuse of the legitimate TeamViewer remote access tool.” Attackers broke into the internals of the TeamViewer app by taking advantage of weakened security protocols. Once the attackers were in, they were able to modify the app’s settings and behavior allowing attackers to “obtain remote access to the victim computers in real-time.”

The scariest part of the Hungary attack is just how deep the remote spying went. Because of TeamViewer’s security settings and access, the attackers gained remote access to entire computers through weaknesses in a single app. It just goes to show why you shouldn’t wait to switch to the best TeamViewer alternative you can find: Impero.

How does a security breach factor into choosing the best alternative for TeamViewer for your business? Well, it should make you think twice about how the software you end up with prioritizes security. The best TeamViewer alternative for your business should and is going to be one that prioritizes security above everything else.

For many remote support software users, Impero comes out on top as the best TeamViewer alternative due, in large part, to the emphasis we put on security. We know that your information, networks, and devices must be kept as secure as possible – and we work constantly to innovate our security technologies and stay one step ahead of attacks and hackers.

The standard security features built into all of Impero’s remote support software help to make it the best TeamViewer alternative on the market. Take a look for yourself:

Location and Timed Restriction Options

A security feature that could have prevented the malicious TeamViewer attack in Hungary is one that comes standard with Impero’s remote support solutions. Impero allows you to restrict remote access based on a request’s location and timing. If you have a regular remote session that happens at the same time every week, Impero makes it simple to limit remote sessions to that specific window of time.

Additionally, if you know where remote requests should be coming from, Impero can restrict remote access sessions based on a device’s location. When considering the best TeamViewer alternative for your business, pick one that gives you as many tools as possible to help you protect and secure your data.

Restrict Automatic Access

Another potential reason why the Hungarian hackers were so successful is a common remote access feature called automatic access. While it can be convenient to provide automatic access to specific users or groups, if security is a top concern then you always want to have the option to restrict automatic remote access sessions.

Many consider Impero as the best TeamViewer alternative thanks to features that give you the option to turn off automatic access, requiring each incoming remote support request gets approved before the session initiates.

Single Application-Level Security Options

As witnessed with the Hungarian attack, hackers leveraged security weaknesses in TeamViewer’s software to gain full access to computers, including all of the apps installed on them. It’s possible that Impero’s application whitelisting security features could have prevented this type of malicious behavior.

By restricting access to specific applications, you can ensure remote support sessions don’t turn into extending spying sessions. The best alternative for TeamViewer is one that gives you the control you need to prevent someone from spying on your apps and data.

Secure, Isolated Cloud or Local Hosting Options

Whether your business requires local or cloud-based hosting, Impero is the best TeamViewer alternative with a secure hosting solution that fits your business’ hosting needs. Every single Impero deployment is secure and flexible.

If you choose to host your data and remote sessions in the cloud, Impero ensures that everything is totally isolated with single-tenant deployments. Local deployments rely on Impero’s market-leading security protocols, insulating your data from malicious attacks.

Top-Notch Security that Integrates with Existing Frameworks

Adding any kind of new software system can be daunting. In all likelihood, the best TeamViewer alternative for your business is going to be one with the highest levels of security that also integrates with your existing security systems. That’s why we’ve built Impero’s remote support software with the ability to automatically integrate with a variety of common authentication methods, including:

  • RADIUS integration
  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Azure AD
  • LDAP

Proprietary User Group Licensing Solutions

The best TeamViewer alternative is one that can make sure hackers won’t be able to download your remote support software to access your data. Impero has developed a security-first user group licensing technology to make it easy to manage exactly which user groups have access to what.

Plus, it’s easy to lock out any group that hasn’t been given specific access to your data and private remote sessions through a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Ironclad Role-Based Security Technology

Impero’s role-based security technology goes even a step further, giving you granular access to single users in and outside of your network. The best way to make sure that only the right people are granted remote access is with ironclad user security policies.

As the best TeamViewer alternative for security-conscious businesses, Impero lets you assign permissions all the way down to individual users, devices, and apps.

The Best TeamViewer Alternative for Secure Remote Access

If security is a top priority for you and your business, don’t spend another day worrying about hackers getting access to your data through TeamViewer. Impero offers market-leading security features to protect your data and keep your remote access sessions private. Switch today to the best TeamViewer Alternative.

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