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5 ways Impero supports 1:1 initiatives

5 ways Impero supports 1:1 initiatives


Many schools and districts have started 1:1 initiatives. In a previous blog post, 5 reasons to introduce 1:1 initiatives, we highlighted why these initiatives continue to grow and succeed.

1:1 initiatives have the power to promote personalized learning and help every student succeed, however, the implementation of a 1:1 initiative is crucial to its success. Part of a successful implementation includes having resources to support teachers as they manage student devices. Impero Education Pro supports 1:1 by providing teachers and schools with various resources and tools to make managing 1:1 initiatives easy.

How does Impero support your 1:1 initiatives?

1. Cross-platform functionality

Educators who use Impero Education Pro’s classroom management and monitoring software have access to a range of classroom control, instruction and monitoring tools to keep students on task, focused and engaged when using devices in the classroom. This simple-to-use, web-based interface is designed specifically for teachers and supports Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS to support the best possible student outcomes.

2. Flexible grouping

Along with cross-platform functionality, there is a flexible grouping feature designed to enable teachers to directly link their Google Classroom groups at the click of a button, alongside syncing directly with your school’s SIS via ClassLink and Clever.

3. Access restrictions

One of the initial concerns teachers may have with 1:1 initiatives is an increase in distractions for students. Teachers may need to block or allow access to specific websites or applications at certain times, so students can only view the resources they really need. In real-time, teachers are able to restrict access during tests or allow greater access during break periods. Teachers are able to create customized policies by user, group, device or across the whole network. This management feature allows teachers to ensure students have access to search for learning-related content when necessary while also keeping them focused on the task at hand.

4. Real-time monitoring

Teachers are able to view thumbnail images of each student’s screen in real-time. Teachers can quickly see if a student is off-task or may be struggling with an assignment. Being able to monitor students’ activity on their devices allows teachers to better personalize instruction. For example, a teacher can easily notice when a student is exceling with a specific assignment and assign an additional assignment that can challenge the student. Also from a technical standpoint, it is helpful for a school’s technical team to have complete visibility of the network. It can be difficult to identify any issues when a variety of devices are being used in a school. But with our real-time monitoring software, technical teams are able to pinpoint technical issues as they occur and resolve most of them remotely.

5. Control tools to focus learning

To help personalize instruction, the teacher is able to remote control student devices to lend assistance or demonstrate tasks. It ensures teachers feel confident using technology to support the delivery of lesson content and allows for collaborative working, sharing of ideas and demonstrating tasks.

Are you ready to take the next steps?

All of these tools help schools carry-out successful 1:1 initiatives and help teachers personalize learning for students. Want to learn more about our solution? Schedule a demonstration below:

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