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5 reasons to apply for the Impero Best Technology for Schools Grant


After over 10 years of Education Pro offering network, classroom, and internet safety management to schools across the globe, Impero Software has finally reached 10 million students utilizing the software!

Because of this monumental milestone, the powers that be at Impero have decided to give back to schools by offering the new $2.5 million dollar “Best Technology for Schools” Grant. This grant is available for all kinds of education establishments in the US and Canada from now until December 30th, 2016. The grant will save schools thousands of dollars and discover continued savings and resources over time.

Why apply for the Impero Best Technology for Schools Grant for a significant savings on Education Pro?

1. Education Pro ensures students stay on task and avoid distraction

With classroom management features such as website block and allow, blank screens and lock keyboard, disable internet access, and send instant messages, Impero Education Pro allows educators the ability to control the student’s digital experience. The features allow students to explore internet and technology tools with supervision by the instructor, to keep everyone engaged and on track.

 2. Education Pro ensures students are getting the most out of the digital learning experience

In addition to tools to keep kids on track, Education Pro helps students get the most out of technology by allowing them to utilize tools such as social media, games, and applications while having the safety net of advanced monitoring capabilities. Students can utilize online resources while teachers have peace of mind that if an inappropriate or potentially harmful website, conversation, or action is flagged, an alert will allow them to intervene and take appropriate next steps. Simply blocking and filtering websites alone is not this intuitive.

3. Education pro makes the digital classroom more engaging

What better way to get a student more excited about digital learning than to display by broadcasting his screen to the whiteboard! Additionally, giving students the ability to ask questions and communicate with the teacher via private messaging allows them to feel empowered. They can ask without worrying about what other classmates think. For added experience, sending and receiving files allows the teacher to conduct class virtually and seamlessly. Finally, creating quick quizzes lets the teacher take the temperature of classroom comprehension and reteach as necessary.

4. Education Pro keeps students safe in the digital world

Through complex algorithms, Impero Education Pro internet safety features are able to monitor all internet, email, folders, and applications – virtually everything a student is doing online while on the school’s network. The algorithms detect thousands of keywords and phrases pertaining to everything from bullying, racial and religious hatred, sexting, weapons & violence, radicalization and more. Any phrases detected send alerts to a responsible educator along with a definition and severity level. Alerts contain screenshots and short videos of activity that allow the educator to assess the situation, put things into context, and take any next steps necessary. This promotes good digital citizenship by starting conversations that give students the ability to learn good online choices.

5. Education Pro helps schools avoid downtime when IT issues arise and technical support is required

Simply put, Impero Education Pro allows school IT teams to remotely monitor all digital devices connected to the school’s network. IT managers can troubleshoot and fix nearly all device issues without stepping foot out of their office. Send updates to hundreds of computers at the click of a mouse. Use scripts to add software keys to application updates on all devices at once. Send and receive trouble ticket messages and solve tech issues behind the scenes without interrupting any learning time. Education Pro offers thousands of benefits to IT teams that make network management easy as pie.

How to apply for the Impero Best Technology for Schools Grant:

To take advantage of this spectacular offering to implement a state of the art management system, just fill out this form and submit a 50 word message explaining why your school or district could benefit from the funding.

For more information on Impero Education Pro read the product specs here, call one of our helpful account representatives at 877-883-4370, or email at [email protected] and schedule a demo or download a free trial.