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Sunny View School, a member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain, is the leading British School on the Costa del Sol. Sunny View School has two buildings, with one providing education based on the English national curriculum, to pre-school students, and the other to primary and secondary school students. With 200 PCs across the buildings, Sunny View School needed a solution to control and manage them from a teaching and administrative perspective.


Prior to Impero Education Pro, Sunny View School trialled several solutions for monitoring and controlling students activity online. These solutions, however, affected computer performance and interfered with the lesson. The IT Manager also found that although a few online solutions offered great classroom management features, minimal were able to offer the same on the administrative side.


When it came to searching for a new solution, Sunny View School needed a solution that suited the needs of teaching staff as well as administrative staff. The IT teacher at Sunny View School identified Impero Education Pro and wanted to trial the product. The IT Manager requested a trial of Impero Education Pro and soon realised it consolidated classroom management, network management and online safety, all in one solution.


When it came to implementing Impero Education Pro, Sunny View School had Impero Education Pro up and running within an hour. After being sent over a thorough installation manual from the support team, implementation was straightforward and no further assistance from the support team was required.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Sunny View School has realised a variety of benefits, such as:

full activity log of students – Impero Education Pro keeps a full log of everything a student accesses providing statistics of users, what they’ve opened, as well as their internet usage. This has helped Sunny View School prevent harmful damage to the school’s PCs several times.

consolidated solution –  Impero Education Pro consolidates network management and classroom management tools in a single solution, helping to meet the needs of both teachers and administrative staff.

saves time – The power management features included in Impero Education Pro allow the scheduled power on and off of computers at the beginning and end of each day. Sunny View School would expect to have made some savings off the back of this.

Q&A with Albert Chavarría, IT Manager

how has Impero Education Pro simplified managing your network?

There’s no lag, there’s no glitches, there’s no slowing of the machines or flickering when you take control of a machine – it’s all quick and easy to use. It’s never crashed and it’s always there. I love the remote install functionality; at a click, I can install a program to a whole suite of machines. We can quickly and temporarily program the whole system, for example, we can lock it down to an exam environment by disabling the internet and hardware access. It’s really been an invaluable tool, especially considering we’re quite a large site – moving around can be time consuming.

When monitoring students, Impero Education Pro offers a graphical view of what students have accessed online, you can see a single classroom, a single user and disable the internet for those that are misbehaving. It’s a lot easier than pulling logs through the Windows group policies. It’s great to have easy access to all the information you want, when you want.

how does Impero Education Pro help monitor students in the classroom?

Used mainly in IT suites, particularly the secondary school, Impero Education Pro provides the teacher with the ability to broadcast their own, or a student’s screen.

In this particular room, the layout of the room restricts the view of students’ screens. Using the live thumbnail view, the teacher doesn’t have to walk around the room to monitor students, monitoring and controlling can be done directly from the teachers desk. We’ve noticed a huge difference in students behaviour since we’ve implemented Impero Education Pro. Initially we caught a few students accessing things they shouldn’t. Following this however, the word about Impero quickly spread across the school body with student behaviour quickly improving.

what are the next steps?

We only have 50 licences currently and we want to duplicate this so we can use Impero Education Pro on every device in the school across both teachers and students.

how would you sum up Impero?

Quick, reliable, secure.

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