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Orchards Academy, part of The Kemnal Academies Trust, is a small school located in the south of England. Orchards Academy provides a caring, yet challenging, curriculum and environment and strives to improve the quality of teaching through interactive white boards in all classrooms. With six servers on premise to manage its desktops, a network solution was also necessary.


Impero Education Pro was originally implemented prior to the Network Manager joining Orchards Academy, as a solution to the school’s network management, classroom management and online safety needs. Impero Education Pro’s consolidated approach was selected to support the school’s large and growing network, enhance learning and keep students safe. Entering a new role, the current Network Manager had never managed a network on this scale. As well as adapting to the new role, the Network Manager had to learn how to adopt Impero Education Pro.


After a quick half an hour tutorial from the IT Director, where the Network Manager was shown the basics of Impero Education Pro, he was left to explore the console independently. Described as “really simple to use”, the Network Manager learnt 90% of the features and functionality in Impero Education Pro by clicking through the buttons and trying things out. The Network Manager was able to adopt Impero Education Pro quickly through the clean and self-explanatory interface.


Implementation was simple, one of the Impero team remoted in, ran through the process and then left the Network Manager to go and deal with other IT enquiries present. With no problems at all, Impero Education Pro was all up and running easily at Orchards Academy.


Since installing Impero Education Pro, Orchards Academy has realised a variety of benefits:

reduces carbon footprint: Orchards Academy had a big problem a year ago where computers would be left on overnight. Using the power management settings included in Impero Education Pro, all computer in Orchards Academy are powered up at 6am before teachers arrive and shut down at 7pm.

saves money: Impero Education Pro is a consolidated solution for network management, classroom management and online safety, designed to replace disparate software solutions. Orchards Academy are now using the print management functionality included in Impero Education Pro, as opposed to continuing payment for a separate print management solution.

create engaged classrooms: Teachers at Orchards Academy often use videos as part of their lessons. Using the broadcast functionality, the teachers’ screen (with the video) can be broadcasted to every desktop in the classroom for more engaging viewing.

Q&A with Kell Webber AMBCS, Network Manager

how has Impero Education Pro made your job easier? 

I can’t imagine being without it. Having the level of control included in Impero Education Pro is brilliant. When we’re installing new software we can use mimic scripts and MSI extension packages to push software out onto IT suites. Having to oversee the whole network is easy, we can hit two buttons and see a view of what everyone is doing and accessing on the desktops and even burrow down further to find out information about the computer and who’s accessing it. It’s so easy to use, everything is in one program, in a central location – safeguarding, network monitoring, print, classroom tools, it makes my job a lot easier.

how does Impero Education Pro help keep your students safe and focused online? 

Impero Education Pro has 100% helped support our online safety strategy. With the live thumbnail view of all devices on the network, we can monitor students’ computers and even oversee individual classes. Myself and the IT Technician receive captures and monitor student activity, so we can easily pinpoint what students are doing and when they’re doing something they shouldn’t. We can remote onto their machine, which is fantastic, or send them a message directly such as “you shouldn’t be on this”. Having the captures are great to refer back to – we can access the URL and input this into our dedicated filter, preventing access to these games or websites in the future. We can also use these as evidence for disciplinary action. For example, if a student says, “I’ve not done that”, we have the capture as proof and we can pass this to the Head of Year. Having Impero Education Pro has really helped to improve student behaviour, because they know they’re being monitored and it deters them from doing stuff they’re not supposed to be, which works in our favour.

what are your next steps?

We’re excited to start utilising the print management features. We already had something in place for print so continued use of that. Now that we have the time, we want to rip it out and use what Impero Education Pro offers – it’ll be fantastic to have everything in one place.

how would you describe our support team?

They’re fantastic. I rang up the other day with issues and they got back to me almost instantly. They went off and found an answer and solution within 15 minutes. I’ve waited days for support elsewhere.

how would you summarise Impero Education Pro?

Absolutely necessary, I don’t know how we would monitor effectively without it.

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