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Located down the road from Wembley Stadium, Elsley Primary School value high-quality learning and achievement, together with a powerful moral development of sharing and respecting others. As technology is increasingly incorporated across the school network, with 100 PCS, 50 iPads, 50 Laptops, 32 Learn Pads and a growing collection of robots, Elsley Primary School is committed to enhancing digital learning in the school, whilst ensuring all its students are safe and protected online.


Prior to Impero Education Pro, Elsley Primary School had no solutions in place to manage and control its devices. With much of the lesson being wasted turning on screens, logging in students and getting the devices set up for the lesson, Elsley Primary School identified a need for an effective classroom management solution to support digital learning and maximise learning in the classroom.


Elsley Primary School began its search for classroom management solutions by looking at the market leaders and comparing the solutions based on features and price. Following a recommendation by the IT Technician, Elsley Primary School investigated Impero Education Pro further and realised it provided simple-to-use classroom management features and soon after purchased Impero Education Pro.


The implementation of Impero Education Pro across Elsley Primary School was completed remotely, within no time. Elsley Primary School were worry free during the installation process knowing the Impero support team were a call away to solve any problems that arose. As staff members begin to adopt Impero Education Pro throughout Elsley Primary School, they’re given a quick and simple product overview by the school’s Computing Specialist.


Since implementing Impero Education Pro, Elsley Primary School has realised a variety of benefits, including:

Remote working: With remote control features, the teachers at Elsley Primary School can set up a lesson in the computing suite from their own classrooms.

Maximise learning time: Through automating a number of manual classroom activities including entering website links and logging into machines, Elsley Primary School can have the entire classroom set up and ready to begin as students enter the classroom with a few simple clicks.

Early detection and intervention: Real-time monitoring and live thumbnail views of each student device enables Elsley Primary School to intervene when students are typing inappropriate or worrying words into their device.

Q&A with James Fraser, Computing Specialist

How does Impero Education Pro help you get the most out of digital learning?

Impero Education Pro has a very positive effect on time management. I can come into the classroom in the morning, and from my computer, I can get all the student’s screens logged on and open the website that is needed for the lesson ready for them to come to and begin working. This honestly saves up to 15 minutes of valuable learning time. I personally think it’s a way of giving back to the students so they can get their work done. One of the most powerful tools is the broadcasting feature. I can teach something at the front of the classroom on the board and if any children can’t see, they can look to their monitors instead. Half way through the lesson I can also broadcast my screen to the students to show them on their screen exactly what is happening or how to complete a particular task. The ability to share and broadcast good examples of what my students have achieved in front of the entire classroom is fantastic. Then, at the end of the lesson, as soon as one class has gone, I can easily and quickly set up all the screens for the next class. It’s so efficient!

How has Impero Education Pro helped improve student behaviour?

When I want to get a student’s attention, I can lock their screen instantly so they have no distractions and can focus on what I am teaching. As their work is all set up and ready to go when they walk into the classroom, it means they are not hanging around and chatting to other students as this is when behaviour can get disruptive. It does have a big influence on students who don’t follow the rules, and also those who would type inappropriate words into their browser, we can detect these, intervene and go down to necessary disciplinary routes where appropriate.

How has Impero Education Pro supported safeguarding?

I never told the student’s that I had Impero installed on the computers, as I wanted to see whether it would actually work. I managed to catch a few students writing inappropriate comments. Impero automatically took a screenshot of this inappropriate language and I was able to use this as evidence, the students couldn’t believe they had been caught! Impero Education Pro is truly powerful, it enables me to have those difficult conversations with the students and I am able to discuss what they’re doing, why it’s inappropriate and teach them how to behave responsibly online. It all ties in to online safety. It’s been an incredible tool to flag individual conversations that are needed with particular students. Having the screenshot to show parents and teachers too is great for evidence and helps to enforce prompt follow-ups.

How has Impero Education Pro made your job easier?

It is so useful. Last week I was ill and so I could not come into work. But from home, on my couch, I could remote into my computer using remote access, log into Impero, power on the PC’s, open the website they needed and send a message to all the computers, instructing the students with what they need to do, and let the lesson begin! No worries at all, it was all automatically done without any stress. It’s just fantastic how I can do that when I was not even in the building. I would be totally lost without it, if it ever crashed – that’s how powerful it is!

How would you sum up Impero Education Pro?

Can’t live without it! It’s the ultimate management solution to support you with time, behaviour, safeguarding, teaching, sharing and control.

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