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Educational computer networks are a challenge to manage at the best of times. Add in increasing demands and falling budgets and the challenge gets ever more complex. How do you manage the influx of digital devices, multiple computer suites and requests for assistance all while trying to do more with less?

Attend this webinar to learn how network management can become easier through the use of network management software, giving you the power to do all of the following and more:

  • Monitor your entire network with real-time thumbnails of every device
  • Fix computer problems remotely across one or multiple rooms and sites, from the comfort of your desk
  • Give teachers the power to reset students’ network passwords, freeing up your time
  • Install software or perform maintenance on all machines at once, saving you from re-keying information for legacy software installations
  • Manage software patches easily and ensure they are deployed to all machines

who should attend?

  • Network Managers
  • Heads/Directors of IT
  • IT leads

Webinar dates and times

webinar: network management made easy 16th July 2019 3:00 pm BST Online
webinar: network management made easy 13th August 2019 3:00 pm BST Online

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