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Digital devices and access to the internet provide a great platform for increasing the scope of learning, however they can also put students at greater risk of bullying, abuse or harm. How do you ensure that students have access to technology but are not exposed to these risks?

 Traditional methods such as blocking access might stop the bulk of unsavoury internet content, but students are clever and can navigate around them. And what about risks which are not posed by a website but are still digital in nature, such as emails or messages written in word processed documents? Without a solution in place these things can easily go unnoticed.

 Attend this 20 minute webinar to find out how you can overcome these issues through the use of network monitoring software and learn how a managed approach to online safety proves to be much more effective.

who should attend?

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • E-Safety/Online Safety leads
  • Safeguarding leads
  • Teaching staff

Webinar dates and times

webinar: effective online safety management in education10th January 2018 5:00 pm GMTOnline
webinar: effective online safety management in education14th February 2019 5:00 pm GMTOnline

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