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What do UK schools think of Impero Education Pro

What do UK schools think of Impero Education Pro?

24th August 2018

We cannot believe we’re helping to improve the use of technology in over 1,400 UK secondary schools! Through helping to monitor, manage and control all their Windows, Chrome, Mac and iOS devices, our customers love us just as much as we love them. Check out some of our reviews from U.K. schools below:

***** By Tony Gale

“Efficient, effective and time-saving”

It does everything from one piece of software and it’s really user-friendly and intuitive. The anonymous reporting tool (Confide) included has been invaluable for the Senior Leadership Team and also a big plus for Ofsted.

***** By Vivienne Lupoli

“Invaluable, intuitive, imperative.”

It’s definitely helped from a safeguarding and practical perspective. Being able to turn on all the PCs before a class at the click of a button, and the broadcast screen for sharing work, are the best things about Impero Education Pro.

***** By Jeremy Harrison

“It’s straightforward and user-friendly, it just works for what we want to do!”

It really helps to focus learning, especially in our learning resource centres, where staff use the live thumbnail views to see the whole room of PCs at a glance. Our number one disruption is students listening to music so being able to restrict access and block these sites really helps!

***** By Jamie MacFarlane

“A school’s best friend”

Having the ability to remotely administrate any device on the network, considering we’re quite a big site with multiple buildings, saves us hundreds of hours of time. We no longer have to walk to the opposite end of the school to sort out issues – we’ve got more control over the entire network.

***** By Stuart Norton

“Invaluable and time-saving! A fantastic tool for all areas of the school”

I have found Impero to be a very effective tool when it comes to organising my classroom, from handing in work to quickly checking understanding with a survey. The software offers a great deal more than just monitoring, with very little effort needed to discover how.

***** By Andy Hetherington

“Good product for safeguarding”

Since implementing Impero Education Pro, student awareness of online safety at Tolworth has significantly improved. When Impero Education Pro was first installed onto the school network, the word got around quickly that we could now monitor what students were doing in real time.

what is Impero Education Pro?

Impero Education Pro consolidates classroom management, network management and online safety all into a single solution. Helping a number of stakeholders in UK schools, including teachers to control technology in the classroom and IT teams to update and maintain their network, all while keeping your students safe online from a whole-school online safety and safeguarding school perspective. Learn more in this short video.

If these reviews from our UK schools don’t convince you that Impero Education Pro is a market-leading product, maybe a demonstration will… what’s the harm in looking? If you’d like to find out more, you can book a demonstration with our team here.

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