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Top 10 Texting slang terms

say what?! texting slang terms that teachers and parents need to know

12th November 2014

Throughout modern history there has always been a language barrier between parents and their children. It’s nothing personal, simply a way for young people to separate themselves from ‘outsiders’ – anyone who isn’t them, especially parents and other authority figures – and provides them with the opportunity to have their own distinct character and identity.

For young people this is all part of growing up, taking control, and finding an independent footing. It’s hardly surprising when you recall your own childhood – forever being told what to do, where to go, and how to go about it. The time comes when every child wants to try and take ownership of their own life, and language plays a significant role in this process.

Being able to disguise your thoughts and communications from your parents – often in plain sight – is an exciting, empowering and potent form of rebellion for children, but in the digital age – with young people having unprecedented access to technology – a potentially dangerous activity.

Access to the internet – typically through personal hand-held devices such as smartphones – has dramatically expanded the world that today’s young people live in, and as a consequence increased the range of experiences they are exposed to, many of which parents and teachers rightly consider inappropriate.

The most alarming area of concern for parents and teachers is the increasingly popular activity of ‘sexting’ – the sending of sexually explicit messages (both written and image based) by mobile phone or other online communications. Slang terms play a significant role in sexting, so it’s not surprising that the uninformed teacher or parent is often oblivious of the activity.

To help redress this situation, Impero has recently added our unique, proprietary slang directory and keyword database feature to our highly popular classroom management software, Education Pro. This highly publicised development (it received coverage from The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Times Educational Supplement) allows teachers to be automatically notified when instances of inappropriate slang or language are used online by young people on the school computer network, thereby empowering educators in the drive to ensure e-safety in schools.

As part of an on-going series, Impero will be regularly publishing a selection of texting slang terms that we feel are essential for all teachers and parents to be aware of, starting today with ten terms relating to sexting.



Get Naked Right Now

Get Naked On Camera

Get Your Pants Off

Naked In Front Of Computer

Are You Horny?

I Want Sex

You Want Sex?

Do You Masturbate?

Oral Sex

See You For Sex


keep up to date with sexting and other texting slang terms

These are just a small selection of texting slang terms concerning sexting which are clearly all very explicit and to the point. Like all slang-based languages the terms are constantly evolving, so while it’s important for teachers and parents to familiarise themselves with the existing vocabulary, it’s just as vital for them to remain vigilant and become aware of new additions to the language. At Impero, that’s exactly what our class management software slang directories and keyword databases will continue to do.

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