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Tips for helping students return back to school

14th September 2020

After spending months at home, it’s understandable that many students will feel nervous about being back to school. Returning to education was a big step for certain students. Changes brought into place such as social distancing, smaller classes, bubbles, one-way systems and the possibility of not seeing some of their friends may feel very unsettling and strange. Not to mention the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 which can’t be underplayed as it will have inevitably put strain on the mental health and wellbeing of students.

Here at Impero, we want to make the transition back to school as seamless and smooth as possible. We have put together 5 top tips to ensure a seamless transition. However, it’s important to remember that the transition back to school will take lots of time, even two weeks in these tips are still relevant. Don’t put pressure on yourself or your students to speed up the process. You will experience a lot of ups and downs and this is normal.

5 tips to ensure a smooth return back to school for students

  1. Ask about feelings

It can sometimes be difficult to speak to a student about whether or not they’re worried. Most will avoid talking about their anxieties, but if you can get them to speak to you, that’s a positive step. No matter how the student feels, ensure they know that it’s normal, everyone is in the same boat and everyone is feeling a mixture of emotions. No one is alone.

  1. Provide reassurance

Students are returning to school during a pandemic. They may find it difficult to go back to school, life in schools is very different to their experiences of home during lockdown. Worries such as a student feeling they are not socially distancing and are not safe may be present. Safety changes are frequent which can be hard to keep up with, make sure your students feel reassured that measures are always put in place to keep them safe.

  1. Prepare

Talk to your students about how things have changed, how lessons have changed, where they need to socially distance, when they need to wear masks. It will help them to cope with the change if they understand when and why they are doing things.

  1. Re-establish a back to school routine

During lockdown, routines may have changed. Routines can be very reassuring so it’s great to try and get into the swing of things as early as possible. This includes healthy eating, sleeping and day-to-day schedules at school.

  1. Focus on the positives and forward thinking

At a time like this, we may feel it’s impossible to think positive and students will feel the same. It’s important to identify the things that they can look forward to. This will enable them to realise that the current situation we are facing will not last forever and they may feel different in a few months’ time. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

 How can Impero support the back to school transition?

We understand that the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 has taken a toll on students’ mental health and wellbeing. It’s important to identify those that may be struggling early so that they can get the support they need. Impero back:drop is our forever free digital safeguarding tool designed to help streamline intervention and safeguard students. The system provides a holistic view of every student’s wellbeing and highlights trends and patterns of early warning signs and concern. Sign up to Impero back:drop for free today, so you can feel confident that you have the tools in place to detect any early warning signs:


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