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education management software improves teaching at Loughborough University

11th April 2014

On reaching higher education, students are expected to behave in a mature and professional manner. At this stage technology still remains a large part of learning, but as the demand for good IT research resources and better communication grows, the need for effective education management software doesn’t become any less vital.

Loughborough University is recognised for its unrivalled sporting achievement and is ranked an impressive 14th by the Guardian University Guide 2014. Well-renowned for the high calibre of research it produces, along with quality teaching and strong industry links, the university is consistently ranked among the UK’s top institutions for student satisfaction, according to the National Student Survey.

how Impero’s education management software has benefitted the university

Loughborough University’s School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering is particularly proud of its international reputation for being at the forefront of technological innovation. Computer-aided design (CAD) applications are commonplace in the department, but teachers were struggling to show the fine detail of designs using data projectors, particularly to students sitting at the back of the room.

Live demonstrations of these specialist applications are crucial in showing the intricate details of design work, in turn, providing students with a better understanding of the broader concept. Realising that the current demonstration method proved limiting, the department turned to the broadcasting functionality of the education management software product already in place at the university; failing to broadcast as required – simply displaying a blank screen – this solution was quickly ruled out.

In search of an effective broadcasting solution, the university’s Technical Manager trialled several education management software products on the market, each claiming to provide impressive broadcasting functionality. It was Education Pro’s fast and seamless broadcasting capabilities, and the ability to broadcast effectively to dual screens, which set it apart.

Education Pro’s powerful suite of classroom and network management features have helped keep students focused and on task, whilst its network management functionality, such as inventory management, have allowed the Technical Manager to monitor the most used software packages by students and ensure the correct supplies are always available.

University Teacher and Technical Manager Robb Doyle says, “Anything that helps to improve communication helps to improve the standard of education we provide for our students, and Impero has undeniably enabled this. Demonstrations are really important to point students in the right direction and show the broader concept of a task. Using Impero Education Pro, students are afforded a vivid view, so several of their questions can be answered immediately, meaning work is produced more quickly.”

the next steps for Loughborough University

Teaching staff from other departments have quickly realised the potential of Education Pro in helping to facilitate a more productive digital learning environment. The demand for the software by teaching staff, keen to adopt it in their own departments, has fuelled the university’s plans to implement the education management software university-wide in the summer of 2014.

If you would like to find out more about how Impero Education Pro has helped to improve communication at Loughborough University, download the case study.

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