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Classroom management software SEBD school

classroom management software essential in SEBD school

5th November 2013

Classroom management software is undeniably vital in mainstream education, particularly considering the ever-changing technology landscape, plus the concerns over e-safety and potential security risks. But for schools specifically designed to support students with complex needs, managing the digital learning environment can prove trickier than usual.

A school which specialises in providing education for students with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) has seen huge benefits since implementing Impero’s classroom management software. Melrose School, located in Merton, Surrey, previously had an alternative classroom monitoring software solution in place but found this to be unreliable and the technical support provided flawed. The school is in partnership with the Smart Centre, which is a PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) for students excluded from school and a facility for students with medical needs, also located in Surrey. The head teacher at Melrose fulfils the role of Executive Head Teacher across both establishments, allowing the sharing of resources between sites. The nature of the students’ behavioural difficulties demanded a powerful and functional classroom management software solution to prevent inappropriate use of computer access.

Melrose School adopts a modern approach to technology and strives to incorporate this into all subjects and throughout all lessons. Aside from teaching basic ICT skills to prepare students for using technology later in life, the school makes innovative use of technology. Lessons are centred around animation and vector drawing and extend to the likes of film-making and programming ‘robots’.

With a view to using classroom management software for monitoring and controlling access, as opposed to restricting it altogether, the school believes this approach prevents misuse of access privileges, whilst still creating an enhanced digital environment. Impero Education Pro Classroom Management Software facilitates this by enabling the school to block websites when required, and schedule more relaxed internet access policies during break times.


classroom management software enhances teaching and learning

Impero’s classroom management software was recommended to Melrose School’s ICT coordinator by fellow technicians already using the solution in their own schools. Impero Education Pro has enabled the school to monitor computer activity, including programs accessed and by which student. The computer lab management feature includes a quizzing functionality, which allows teachers to create customised quizzes tailored to their lesson’s learning objectives. This has particularly impressed teaching staff at the school.

Melrose School aims to make the use of technology in all lessons a natural occurrence, which would prove impossible without the ability to control machines and users. The school’s ICT Co-ordinator, Michael Sinanan, explains how Impero Education Pro is enabling this ambition, “Since implementing Impero, teachers are now more confident to use PCs in their lessons and, more importantly, to keep using them. The students, therefore, learn more, as teachers can maximise the amount of ‘on-task’ time. Without the software and the ability to control PCs, teachers just would not be using technology in their lessons!”

Future plans for the school involves exploring the print management feature in more depth and making further use of the task list functionality, which enables teachers to monitor their students’ progress as they tick off completed tasks.

If you would like to find out how Impero Education Pro can help efficiently manage your modern classroom, download the computer lab management technical datasheet.

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