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Checklist: Selecting an education supplier

9th May 2019

When schools are looking for a new education provider, there are a number of considerations to factor into the decision-making process. Whether it’s the product, the people, the training, or the stability of the company, current financial constraints in the education sector mean that schools must do their due diligence to ensure that the decision they make is right for their needs – and their budget.

We’ve pulled together a simple checklist that we think will help schools when it comes to choosing a potential supplier.


  1. The product/service

When it comes to selecting a product, what should a school take into account? Firstly, it’s important that the functionality of any product/service meets the requirements of the school’s needs. There’s also the reliability of the product or service to consider – does it have good reviews on Google, forums, the company’s website and on social media? Are any other schools, similar to yours, that are already existing customers of the supplier? What is their experience of using the product or services? What is the customer support and account management like?

  1. The people

When you build a partnership with a new supplier, you’re really building a partnership with the people who work for the company. Some of the aspects you may want to take into account are:

  • How large is the workforce? The number of staff a company employs can demonstrate how established the business is and this directly correlates with the reliability of the product and services.
  • What is the office environment like? If staff have an enjoyable working environment, where they are supported, provided training and rewarded, this will be reflected in their interactions with customers.
  1. The training

Implementing a new product (particularly when it involves technology) across a school often requires some scheduled training. What programmes does the company have in place for delivering this training? Do they offer online webinars or on-site visits – or a combination of both?

  1. The company

When it comes to the company delivering any potential product or service, have you considered what’s important to know about the company you may be working with? Have you delved into the credit score of the company you may purchase a product or service from? What do their accounts look like? Are they financially stable? It’s important to ensure, as best as possible, that the company you decide to work with isn’t a risky option.


Evaluating potential products or services for your school requires an in-depth evaluation of the suitability of both the provision and the company. Before you embark on your search for a new solution, the first question any school should ask is: what are we looking for from a product AND what are we looking for from company?

If you’d like to find out more about the cloud-based remote monitoring, management and safeguarding solutions that Impero offers, visit the products section of our website. Find out more about our company and our people by calling +44(0)1509 611 341, and how we’re working with other schools to improve digital learning by browsing our case studies.

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