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Anti-Bullying Week 2018 – choose respect over bullying

19th December 2018

Every year, charities, schools, individuals and companies across the UK support Anti-Bullying Week 2018, held from the 12th – 16th November. This year’s theme is focused around “Choose Respect” over bullying, where students should opt to respect each other at school rather than embracing a bullying behaviour. A new addition this year is Anti-Cyberbullying Day on Thursday 15th November; this day will highlight the issues of cyberbullying online alongside the bullying offline.

3 things to do this Anti-Bullying Week 2018

  1. Teach students to see it and report it

Student should know if they see some concerning online content or behaviour then they can report it. They should do this directly from the site or platform they’re on. If it’s within school, students should report this to a teacher.

  1. Review anti-bullying policies

With conversations around bullying prevalent this Anti-Bullying Week, it’s the perfect time to review your anti-bullying policies – does it cover all types of bullying including cyberbullying?

  1. Dig out your odd socks!

Get hunting for the oddest, odd socks you have, express yourself and celebrate your individuality.

How much do know about bullying? Take our quiz to understand the true impact of bullying across the UK. #AntiBullyingWeek

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