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5 ways to maximise remote learning following new government guidelines

5 ways to maximise remote learning following new government guidelines

21st October 2020

This school year started on shaky, uncertain ground. Over seven million children returned to the classroom in September and, according to BBC, the majority of children and young people are now being sent home to isolate. With the continuous threat that Covid-19 represents, the Department for Education has decided to publish new government guidelines stipulating that all state-funded schools must provide remote learning to their pupils. The government guidelines will be enforced on October 22 and they will continue to exist until the end of the school year, unless revoked earlier.

We at Impero realise that schools are facing a great challenge and we have prepared 5 ways to maximise remote learning following the new government guidelines:

1. Set clear objectives

Setting clear objectives from the start is a key step for effective remote learning. Both students and their parents should know what is expected of them in advance. This will help decrease the confusions around the new learning method and will help boost productivity. Furthermore, teachers won’t be able to supervise their students as effectively as they could inside the classroom. Thus, keeping the parents informed and prepared will make sure everyone knows class expectations, workload and assignments.

2. Wellbeing is key

Millions of children will be spending their time alone, in front of their devices. One of the main downsides of remote learning is the lack of human connection which may not only endanger their school performance, but their mental health as well. Moreover, schools should be alert of possible trauma, isolation or difficult domestic situations because of the pandemic. Ensuring learners are emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy must be a priority in remote learning. Teachers should conduct regular wellbeing checks and 1-to-1 meetings. Read more here.

To support mental health initiatives school-wide, we’ve launched our forever free digital safeguarding tool – Impero back:drop. It helps teachers to keep track of any concerns regarding student wellbeing at no cost. Learn more about Impero back:drop here.

3. Make remote learning interactive

Students are more focused and engaged when they’re learning in a classroom. When a student is in their own home, their environment may be full of distractions and showing up to class is not enough to ensure they’re learning. A study conducted between 19,000 students shows that more than a quarter didn’t agree they had access to online course materials whenever they need them and a third did not rate the quality of digital teaching and learning on their course as “good”, “excellent” or “best imaginable”. By creating interactive and dynamic lessons and providing easily accessible materials, teachers can increase student engagement and boost their motivation.

4. Be open to feedback

Feedback will play a crucial role. Remote learning is a process that will be a steep learning curve for both teachers and learners. If something doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to switch it up. Listen to your students and check their progress. This learning method provides greater flexibility and schools should aim to find the most suitable set of strategies that meets the needs of both the educators and the learners.

5. Chose the right software

Students and teachers alike shouldn’t be overwhelmed with too many EdTech tools and software programs. Being able to deliver a high-quality education to students no matter where they are, as well as monitoring their wellbeing is essential to remote learning.

Impero class:room is our fully cloud-based classroom management software, designed to create safe and productive digital learning environments irrespective of their location. With full integration with Microsoft Teams, teachers can create engaging lessons, keep track of student progress and monitor their online activity to keep them focused on the task at hand.

Learn how Impero class:room can help you deliver hybrid learning and support student wellbeing by booking a demo here.


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