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Tidbits from the 2016 TCEA show

For all of us at Impero Software, 2016 has started as a whirlwind of trade show craziness. Beginning with FETC in mid-January, then the BETT show a week later, followed by TCEA last week in Austin, TX. TCEA was AMAZING! (but phew…we’re tired.) Looking back, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the turnout and all the feedback we got from show attendees.

Here are some highlights of our experience at TCEA 2016 in the ATX:

TCEA attendees show up for happy hour –  Our week at TCEA started with a bang. We hosted a happy hour at Moonshine Bar & Grill that had a spectacular turnout of over 100 people – over half of which registered the day of the event. It was a wonderful networking experience were we were able to personally connect with tons of Texas educators, administrators, and ed-tech partners. Moonshine’s staff was excellent and the night. Special thanks to the Resilient, Exinda, and Fortinet crews for hanging out with us!

Texas IT administrators have their hands full – At our booth we were visited by hundreds of IT folks from schools of various sizes who all had the same answer to the question, “How many devices do you have in your district?” Their comment: “I don’t know…A LOT.” IT admins shared with us the same story over and over. Their school has added hundreds of Chromebooks and/or tablets in the past year. Or their school will be adding hundreds more devices in the coming year. Another repetitive comment was “We need to figure out how to connect all these devices together and manage everything as quickly as possible.” When we presented Impero Education Pro’s network management features we were met with a resounding, “WOW!! We need this.”

Internet safety is a priority in Texas (and everywhere) – As we presented the e-safety features of our software, teachers and IT admins were in agreement that simply blocking inappropriate websites is not enough. We had some good, intense, conversations around the importance of monitoring students while on social media, apps, and searching the web so that we can all keep our students safe. The consensus was that anything schools can do to provide internet safety, prevent bullying, suicide and eating disorders should be implemented. We agree…that’s what we’re all about.

Texas Impero customers showed us some love – We’re not going to lie, we blushed a bit at the happy customers who came by the booth to say hello and smother Texas sales rep Alexandra Ingram with hugs. From, “Impero saves my butt on a daily basis” to “You guys are like my best friend” we heard such nice compliments from our customers. Thanks guys. You rock!

Impero users make the best presenters – While our team is well versed in giving demos of our Education Pro software, we could not have shared our message with so many attendees without the help of our trusty customer advocate, Lisa Nelson, Director of IT at Douglass ISD. Lisa wowed audiences with her real life examples of how our software keeps her network under control, her teachers happy, and her students safe. She was truly the star of the show, giving both current and future customers her own contact info for help and more info. Thanks Lisa! Another fun highlight was having customer Josh Hymer, CTO at Bremond ISD, come by and “hack” our displays to give us a sneak peek at how his school network is set up. Shhhh…

Austin hospitality is as big as Texas – Working trade shows is no joke, but Austin showed us some serious fun in our down time. We had super spicy tacos at Micheladas, sang along with Sweet Caroline at Pete’s Piano Bar, rode on a bicycle taxi to Rainey Street, and introduced our UK team to some authentic Texas honky tonk music at San Jan Saloon. Austin proved itself as a fun (but weird) city that we can’t wait to return to next year. YeeHa!

We came, we saw, we listened – Our biggest takeaway from TCEA was that Texas educators and IT administrators need solutions for their growing technology landscape. We hear you and we’re here to help. If you chatted with us at the show, we’ll be contacting you soon and can talk further. If you’d didn’t get to connect, feel free to call us 877.883.4370 or email and we can set up time to talk, give you a demo and get you a free trial.

Thanks TCEA 2016 for a great week. See you next year and keep Austin weird!

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Douglass ISD IT Director Lisa Nelson showing off her mad demo skills

Douglass ISD IT Director Lisa Nelson showing off her mad demo skills

alex ingram

Sales rep Alexandra Ingram explains Education Pro features

Bremer ISD CTO Josh Hymer hacks our booth

Bremer ISD CTO Josh Hymer hacks our booth

US Marketing manager Felicia Rateliff shares bicycle taxi with Alex Ingram

US Marketing manager Felicia Rateliff shares bicycle taxi with Alex Ingram