Take school Chromebook management further with monitoring software

By now it’s no secret that Chromebooks are taking over the technology scene in classrooms across the country. In fact, USA Today recently reported, “Chromebook sales surpassed 51% in the K-12 market nationwide in the third quarter, according to a recent report by market researcher Futuresource Consulting. The surge reflects a fundamental shift in how American schools are buying tech in bulk and assessing students online, placing an emphasis on low-cost, easy-to-manage machines.”

Whether you’ve already got a fleet of Chromebooks in your school, or you’re planning to purchase them for next school year, you’ve likely researched the best way to manage them. You may have settled on the Chromebooks management console, which provides basic functions such as creating user groups, pre-installing and blocking apps, tracking assets, managing user access, configuring network access, and customizing user features. But there is so much more to successful Chromebook management than the console provided by Google provides. Adding monitoring software, such as Impero Education Pro, allows you to use your technology to it’s fullest potential.

Impero Education Pro picks up where Chromebook Management Console leaves off

The Chromebook management console provides IT managers with great basic tools to connect a network of Chromebooks in schools. These features, however, just barely scratch the surface of managing devices, providing resources to teachers, and keeping students safe online.

Here are some of the reasons that adding Impero Education Pro monitoring software can take  Chromebook management plan further:

Teacher friendly features

While the Chromebook management console is fairly easy to use for IT professionals as far as managing user access and turning apps on and off, it doesn’t provide a way for teachers to access these functions if necessary. Impero Education Pro has a teacher friendly dashboard that allows teachers to turn apps on and off, restrict access to websites and internet, and even add users and groups. The Education Pro dashboard is simple enough that even the less-than-tech-savvy instructor can learn functions with minimal training.

Focus learning in real time

The Chromebook management console does allow an IT admin to remotely manage devices. It does not, however, allow an administrator to see each student computer’s screen in real time, all at the same time. Impero Education Pro does! Education Pro’s real time monitoring functionality allows a teacher or administrator to see thumbnail views of all of the computer screens in a classroom at once.

Education Pro software prevents unauthorized use of proxy sites, enforces acceptable usage policies, and restricts Internet, application, and hardware usage. All of this is monitored through a single interface that provides live thumbnails of all network computers. Additionally, if a student disrupts the class, teachers can turn off screens and lock keyboards, disable Internet access, USB ports, sound and printers, and broadcast the educator’s screen to all or selected students.

Enhanced internet safety

The Chromebook management console provides an IT administrator with the ability to block and filter websites that are inappropriate, and turn off content and apps for specific groups of students. While this is a necessary function to promote safety online, there is more that can be done to prevent and address internet safety issues with students. Impero Education Pro doesn’t just providing blocking capability. Our software monitors what students are searching for on the internet and flags inappropriate, dangerous, and unsafe words and phrases.

Monitoring software works by using categories, such as lists of words or phrases, to capture and identify inappropriate activity on desktop and laptop computers and other digital devices. Once captured, an automatic screenshot or video recording is logged; this allows school staff to identify the context of any potential concerning activity, such as a screenshot identifying a concerning word or phrase, a logged-in user, or an IP address. This is a far superior activity than simply blocking content deemed inappropriate and then reevaluating as issues arise.

Cross-platform solution

While Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in schools, most classrooms still have other types of computers as well. Impero Education Pro’s mobile device compatibility supports a mixed platform approach to digital learning, allowing teaching and IT staff to view different devices in one session from the console. The OS type for each device is displayed within the thumbnail, so teachers and IT staff can easily distinguish activity between devices. This is especially helpful for districts that are slowly adding more Chromebooks over time.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it out

Impero Education Pro’s Chromebook functionality is simple to download and deploy. Just download the app and extension from the Google store and deploy using your MDM/Chrome management tools. Or if you’d prefer, download a free trial here.

Want more info? Download the Impero Education Pro Chromebooks datasheet here.