In order for Dutch schools to apply for the title of ‘excellent school’, they must prove that they meet a number of standards as assessed by the Inspectorate of Education. One of these profiles refers to the special use of digital learning materials to support an inspiring and motivating approach to teaching. As schools across the Netherlands fixate on improving students’ learning experience through technology, it’s an exciting time for technology in education.

For international schools in Holland following a British curriculum, you’ll also be concerned with meeting school inspectorates, such as Ofsted and ISI, and complying with the statutory guidance outlined in Keeping Children Safe in Education.

The success of the Dutch education system is down to the innovative teaching practices delivered by teachers across the country. When it comes to teaching with technology, do you have the tools you need to keep your students focused and safe?

Working in an education system that consistently looks to integrate the best of digital technologies into the learning environment can throw up a host of challenges for teachers. When using new tech in education, how do you ensure your students remain focused on the task at hand and protected from potential risk? As digital technologies become increasingly commonplace in the Dutch education system, it’s vital that students learn not just how to use tech but how to use it safely.

Impero EdTeach places classroom control into your hands, giving you all the tools required to focus and enhance learning, monitor progress and protect students from risk. From locking machines and broadcasting screens to an instant messaging functionality and a live thumbnail view of all student devices, you can improve communication, eliminate the distractions of the digital world, and keep students on task.

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