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Impero Education Pro


Located in the Netherlands, Ubbo Emmius College’s mission statement is ‘students excel’. At its core the school believes that all students can achieve anything if they possess the correct attitude. A variety of educational directions are offered by the school, enabling students of all ages and abilities to succeed in learning. The safety of students within the school environment is important to Ubbo Emmius; a special structure of care programme provides mentoring, counselling and psychiatric treatment to any student who requires support.


Prior to investing in Impero Education Pro, the school had software solution Skanix in place to manage its digital learning environment, but this performed slowly on the network and some machines repeatedly failed to display in the management tools feature. This made monitoring students difficult, not to mention unreliable, and so the school’s IT Manager carried out a Google search to find a better, more efficient solution.


Due to the size of the school’s site and the number of students enrolled, Ubbo Emmius required a functional and dependable network management solution to enable efficient management of the large site. Impero Education Pro would provide all of the features necessary to achieve successful classroom management, along with a broad suite of network management features to help run an efficient network. Live thumbnail view and the room layout functionality would help teaching staff to monitor their students’ activity in the digital learning environment and keep distracted students focused on the task at hand.


Impero Education Pro was installed on the network with ease. Following the seamless installation, only one challenge arose and this was the anti-virus program viewing the software as a virus on some machines, which subsequently generated pop ups. A quick email to Impero’s technical support team and the issue was soon resolved. The software was well-received by teaching staff, who were thrilled to have a solution which gave better control over their classrooms and would save masses of time.



Ubbo Emmius College has discovered a variety of benefits, including:

saves time – the power management feature automatically schedules machines to power on and off. This means teachers can leave the classroom for the day without worrying about shutting down machines manually.

increases productivity – teaching staff have better control of their classrooms with the ability to monitor the students and determine whether they are misusing their access privileges, in turn, helping to keep students focused and on task.

enhances learning – teachers can make full use of the interactive classroom without the risk of potential distractions or inappropriate use.


Q&A with Frank van het Hof, IT Manager

has does Education Pro compare to other solutions?

It’s just on an entirely different level. It’s faster, it’s more efficient and it has far more functionality. Considering the scale of Ubbo Emmius College’s site, we needed a solution that could cater for our needs. Impero Education Pro is the complete package all rolled into one product, and it offers far more than the previous solution that we had in place.

how has the software helped you in your role?

Not only has Education Pro made my role easier by saving time and helping me to manage a large, efficient network, but the software has been hugely beneficial to all other members of staff, including teachers and librarians. They love having a clear view of what students are accessing online and this helps them to direct the focus of misbehaving students back to their work. I can also give varying admin to rights to teaching staff, for example the room layout tool. Teachers are free to alter this as and when they change the layout of their classrooms, which is really useful.

what are the next steps?

We’ll be looking to make better use of the power management feature and actively monitor our energy consumption and costs to see how much Education Pro can save.

how would you sum up Impero?

Network management all in one package.