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Impero Education Pro


Esloo Onderwijsgroep is a collection of six schools located within Den Haag, Netherlands. The group of schools strive on discovering and developing new talent as well as creating a feel of home whilst students are studying at school. With approximately 1000 PCs, 300 Laptops, 150 iPads and 50 Chromebooks used across four sites, and an increased demand for mobile devices, Esloo Onderwijsgroep were in the early stages of considering a new network management solution.


Although Esloo Onderwijsgroep were not actively looking to replace their previous product Synchronise, they did not have anything in place for classroom management and online safety. Additionally, Esloo Onderwijsgroep were concerned with the security and practicality of utilising this peer-to-peer solution. With an increased procurement of laptops, the Systembeheerder (Systems Manager) identified a need for a client-based solution that supported laptops as they moved from classroom to classroom.


A well-timed phone call from a member of Impero’s International team introduced Esloo Onderwijsgroep to Impero Education Pro. The school group quickly identified that Education Pro offered additional features that their current software didn’t provide, including the integrated active directory. Following a demonstration of Education Pro, the Systembeheerder used the trial period to help convince the Headteacher that Education Pro would be a useful solution to purchase.


Despite working across four sites, implementing Impero Education Pro across the schools was completed with ease. With the help of SCCM, a Microsoft product that Esloo Onderwijsgroep were already utilising, Impero Education Pro was deployed to all PCS and mobile devices in no time.



Since installing Impero Education Pro, Esloo Onderwijsgroep has discovered a number of benefits, including:

controlled assessment – using remote control, Education Pro can be used to power on and log in all the machines in an exam suite within seconds. Utilising this across four sites enables the Systembeheerder to be the only individual responsible for digital examinations.

help safeguard students – the log viewer helps to provide a picture of all the keywords that have been flagged up by an individual on a computer or mobile device. By creating and adding Dutch keywords, the school has been able to identify those who may be vulnerable or students at risk.

focuses learning – using the live thumbnails or list view, teachers are able to see student names rather than generic student numbers, this provides a much more efficient way to identify which students are on task and take action for those who become distracted.


Q&A with Vincent Batenburg, Systeembeheerder

how does Impero Education Pro compare with other solutions?
One of the main decisions for choosing Impero Education Pro over other solutions is due to it being a client-based server solution. We wanted to move away from our peer-to-peer solution and replace it with one that would provide better security and work on mobile devices. Our previous solution did not allow integration with the active directory, displaying student identification numbers rather than student names, making it was more difficult to see right away who a particular user was.

how has Impero helped to identify online safety issues within your school?
The log viewer and keyword libraries have been used throughout the four schools to help identify vulnerable or at-risk students. We’ve been able to customise these policies and have created and added our own keywords in Dutch to help develop these libraries further. Policies have also been put in place whereby email alerts are sent to the service desk for immediate response when a severe keyword has been detected.

what are your next steps?
Our next steps are to create policies and procedures to try and get teaching staff to use more of the classroom management functionality. Currently only a small majority of the teachers are taking advantage of the full functionality of the product, therefore it would be beneficial to educate them further.

how would you sum up Impero?
Handy useful programme, that is a must-have solution for every school.