New version of Impero Education Pro includes increased school BYOD & Chromebook support

With the spring season, Impero Software is rolling out the official release of Impero Education Pro, 5.3. We’ve recently been concentrating our efforts on improving Education Pro’s stability. This provides a great base on which to develop new functionality for supporting the changing requirements in the EdTech landscape.

Complete with many new security enhancements, increased scalability, improved Chromebook compatibility and new PIN grouping functionality to support BYOD in schools, read on to learn more of what you can expect with the new 5.3 version:

PIN grouping functionality supports BYOD & 1:1 schemes in schools

Schools across the US are adopting a range of mobile devices to support classroom engagement. But as BYOD and 1:1 initiatives continue to rise in schools, how can educators effectively manage a class full of devices with multiple platforms?

In the latest release of Education Pro, we’ve developed a new PIN grouping functionality designed to enhance the existing grouping structures feature and offer cross-platform support. This new tool allows teachers to automatically generate a pin number that enables a student to join a class session on an ad hoc basis. Students simply enter a four digit code on their device, allowing them to connect to that particular class group. And, if required, students can then be prompted to enter user details or Active Directory credentials, before being added to the group. Educators are then able to remotely view multiple devices on Windows, iOS, and Chromebook operating system, in real time, including student information, regardless of what device they’re using.

improved classroom management on Chromebooks

Impero’s new Education Pro release now includes keyword monitoring on Chromebook devices, with real time alerts to notify educators of any potential internet safety risks. Logging and screenshot captures of all alerted activity serves as evidence, helping staff to put an incident into context and respond appropriately with the right support.

Educators can now remotely control Chromebook devices, without requesting permission from the user, to lend assistance or demonstrate tasks. Also added is Confide, a reporting tool that enables students to anonymously send concerns or problems straight to a designated adult from their Chromebook device.

And, of course, the PIN grouping functionality helps educators to monitor Chromebooks via a real-time thumbnail view along with other devices.

Impero customers will soon be receiving an email explaining when the latest version will be available and how to download it.

If you have any questions about our current release, contact us here.