New internet safety partner announced – Educator’s School Safety Network (ESSN)

Unfortunately, every day across the United States, hundreds of threats of violence occur online in schools. This requires schools to continuously impose new procedures and technologies to keep young people safe. In order to help detect and address threats of potential harm on school networked devices, Impero is proud to announce a new internet safety partner, the Educator’s School Safety Network (ESSN).

ESSN, a nonprofit organization that provides safety training, resources, and research to schools, will be informing the weapons & violence category of Impero’s keyword library feature, which consists of lists of words, phrases, and definitions relating to many issues that could cause potential harm for students. The keyword library, a free feature built in to Impero Education Pro network, classroom, and internet safety management software, uses complex algorithms to detect & flag terms on all devices connected to a school’s network, sending educators alerts with definition and severity levels. Teachers, administrators, and other appropriate staff are then able to view incidents and put them in context to determine the appropriate next steps. The keyword library terms pertain to categories such as eating disorders, adult content, sexting, weapons & violence, bullying, radicalization and more.

On the new partnership, Director of Operations for ESSN, Amanda Klinger, Esq., said the following, “We chose to partner with Impero because the great work they are doing fits exactly within our mission – empowering educators to do the work of school safety.”

Impero is honored and thrilled to work with such a reputable organization as ESSN to continue to ensure the safety of all students and educators. The update to the weapons and violence keyword library will be available for installation to all current Impero customers in early 2017.

To find out more about ESSN, their partnership with Impero, the Education Pro keyword library and other safety management features, read the full press release.

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