Did you know that you can broadcast messages across an entire campus?

Here at Impero, we’ve spent the last 14 years developing a consolidated IT management software solution designed to help teachers control the classroom, enable IT teams to support large networks and, most importantly, keep students safe in the online world. As a result, our offering is a feature-rich solution which probably does more than you think!

Our broadcasting functionality is often used by teachers in lessons, either to showcase a student’s good work, to show videos and resources, or to demonstrate tasks. This nifty little tool is great for interactive learning and maximizing student engagement. You might not know, however, that broadcasting is not just limited to the direct classroom environment.

When might you need to broadcast across the whole campus?

Large school campuses may encounter times when an urgent message needs to be communicated to all students and staff immediately. Perhaps there’s a health and safety issue, a threat on site, or an exciting visitor? Ensuring these messages are communicated swiftly is crucial, but it can prove challenging, particularly across a large – and sometimes disparate – learning environment.

What’s more, these messages can be sent to all or any selected devices on the network, instantaneously, at the click of a button. This speeds up communication, minimizes downtime and reduces the potential for any potential welfare risk.

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