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Founded in 1986, HWZ University is the largest part-time university for economics in Switzerland and forms part of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences. With over 2000 students and 500 lecturers, the university offers programmes of study from bachelor level through to master and doctorate.


As a large enterprise spread across two separate buildings, the IT department struggled to address the multitude of staff and student support requests logged on a daily basis. Previously, Teamviewer was used to deliver remote IT support to staff across the network, however the university’s IT team found that this solution proved limited in terms of additional micro-managing features. Tasks such as updating and deploying software had to be performed manually, as did general maintenance of equipment across the network.


When the university began a phase for migrating over to Windows 7, the IT department began looking for other products which could help simplify wide-scale network management, and Impero Education Pro was recommended to the university by Avatech, an Impero partner. Providing a consolidated suite of network and classroom management features, Impero Education Pro would allow technical issues to be resolved remotely, automate several time-consuming manual tasks, and ensure that controlled online exam conditions could be enforced. The university’s IT department were keen to begin a trial phase of the product, and within days it became clear that HWZ University’s existing product would be replaced with Impero Education Pro.


Since Impero Education Pro was already installed and set-up on the network during the trial period, the official implementation was carried out quickly and with ease. No problems were encountered by the IT department and, with the assistance of Impero’s technical support team, the software was up and running on the university’s network quickly.



Since implementing Impero Education Pro, HWZ University has realised several benefits including:

Saves time – the ability to remotely solve technical issues quickly from a single location saves masses of time for the IT department, by removing the need to travel across the university buildings to the location of the issue. Lecturing staff and students also save time, since the speedy nature of remote support reduces disruptive downtime during lectures.

Enables controlled exam conditions – the IT department uses the classroom management functionality of Education Pro during online exams (such as blocking access to specific websites or applications) across selected machines and during a defined time period. This ensures controlled exams conditions can be established as per the exam schedule.

Streamlines processes – with several previously manual processes now automated, including patch management which enables automatic updates to be installed across the network, the university’s network is better streamlined. By enabling remote and automated processes to be executed through the software, the university has realised better efficiency.


Q&A with Pedro Sandmeier, Administrator

How has the software been beneficial to you in role?

We mostly use Education Pro as a platform to support our colleagues. If a staff member encounters an IT issue, I can easily solve the problem remotely from my desk, without walking across the site to where the computer is located. The command line and task manager functionalities are also really useful, allowing specific processes to be started or ended on multiple machines simultaneously. It’s also brilliant being able to simply right-click and check the status and performance of any device on the network (if a machine is low on RAM, for example), rather than checking through a manual list; it just saves so much time.

What makes Impero stand out in the marketplace?

It’s a great product, and this is proven by word of mouth recommendation. Not only does the software provide a range of useful features in one solution, but Impero also offers superb support. The support engineers are extremely helpful, very well-trained and respond almost instantly. When I haven’t been able to deal with a German-speaking support engineer, I’ve had to ask the British engineers to speak slowly, but I am getting better at
understanding the English accent! I can speak very highly of the support team.

What are the next steps?

We’re excited to see what additional functionality is offered in upcoming versions of Education Pro.

How would you sum up Impero?

A great and feature-rich product, which speaks for itself.