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At Impero, we’re more than just a software company. We come to work each morning knowing that we are creating the best technology solutions that will empower anyone to reach their full potential.

Our technology has the power to help people learn, work and connect productively online. It has the power to increase communication and collaboration, reduce distractions and troubleshoot problems – whether that be in the classroom, in an office, in a hospital or in any remote environment.

But what sets us apart is that our innovative solutions have been designed specifically to keep users safe, regardless of where or when they’re using their devices. We know that in order for anyone to be  productive online, they must first be and feel safeguarded in that environment. Ensuring users are safe is fundamental to our mission of helping them reach their full potential.


Since 2002, Impero has worked with schools and organizations across the globe. In 2021, Impero acquired Netop, a market-leading classroom management and remote access software company. Today we work directly with technical teams, school districts/MATs, and Fortune 500 companies in more than 90 countries.

As a global organization with offices in six different time zones, we believe that what is important to us can bring us together. That’s why we strive to live our team values everyday:

  1. We say what we mean (communication)
  2. We mean what we say (integrity)
  3. We love what we do (caring)
  4. We do it together (teamwork)

Together, we’re developing a future where we can all be safe and productive online, regardless of our individual circumstances. To learn more, get in touch.