5 reasons to invest in updated school network management software

A new or updated school  network management software solution is a big investment and commitment. The district IT management team must first choose this software carefully by weighing all of the options and features and secondly, make sure it’s a good fit for the district’s needs. Essentially, the team is trying to find the best bang for their buck. Once a software solution is found, the next challenge is to get buy-in from all district stakeholders involved in purchasing.

To help with the decision making process, here’s a list of five reasons a team should invest in Impero Education Pro as their school’s new district and classroom management software solution:

One solution fits all


Nearly every classroom has several computers, a couple of iPads and laptops, Internet connection, and a printer. It simply isn’t cost effective anymore to purchase separate software solutions for all the needs and functions of all district IT team functions, such as monitoring Internet usage, connecting classroom computers together, remote patch management, and energy usage control. Updating and upgrading multiple software applications can be expensive, inefficient, and frustrating.

Impero Education Pro is network, classroom, and device management software all in one. This powerful suite allows device monitoring for desktop, laptop, and handheld devices, including Chromebooks and iPads. Teams can monitor and manage connected devices remotely and within a single view.

It’s the only classroom management software with online safety features that allow teachers and IT managers to monitor Internet and application usage. Additionally, Education Pro can control printer usage and switch off computers when they are not being used. All these features in one software suite eliminates the need for renewing or purchasing multiple programs for various network management needs.

Saves time for IT teams


The growing number of devices that district officials add to classrooms presents a problem for IT managers and their managing capacity. Limited staff and multiple buildings means IT managers are scrambling around and trying to troubleshoot computer issues, update systems, and install software. Schools may adopt more technology, but that doesn’t mean they have the budget to add more staff to manage that technology.

Because Education Pro makes it simple to manage multiple platforms and brands of computers remotely, IT managers can shave time off of their typical routines. Software such as Microsoft Office can be updated to new versions remotely from their IT offices. IT staff can plug in to remote locations to troubleshoot issues on teacher computers. Need new software application on hundreds of iPads in 10 different district buildings? No problem. Education Pro also automates several administrational and time-consuming processes so IT teams can focus on value-adding tasks. How much time would that save your team?

Increases productivity for teachers and students


A teacher’s first priority is to — you guessed it — teach. The more computers, laptops, and iPads there are in a classroom, the harder it is for a teacher to focus on the lesson. This is because his job becomes to police students and keep them off of Facebook. Teachers need a solution that will allow them to be productive in class and allow them to once again focus on their job. They need a tool to eliminate the distractions that technology can cause.

Education Pro introduces productivity back into the classroom by providing features that connect, control, and engage student computer use. With Education Pro, teachers can easily monitor all student screens from their desks. They can turn on (or off) apps and websites with the click of their mouse. Student screens can be projected onto one monitor or a SMART board. They can also share tests with students, message their pupils, and even lock their learners’ screens. This kind of control increases productivity of students and teachers, which increases learning outcomes.

Scalable across the district


Purchasing building, device, or lab-specific licensing is no longer an efficient option for network management due to the fact that school techn landscapes change rapidly. School officials are no longer confining technology usage to computer labs or dedicated classrooms. Virtually every teacher and student could have a digital device that is connected to the Internet via the school network.

Schools that have 1:1 programs add new devices daily. Additionally, students and teachers now travel from building to building with the same laptop or iPad. This makes the need for portable, scalable network management imperative.

Unlike other products, Impero Education Pro doesn’t confine use to specific areas like computer labs on the same network. Because of its cloud capability, Education Pro is infinitely scalable. Need to add it to 100 more Chromebooks next month? Piece of cake. What about monitoring a student’s laptop as he travels from classroom to classroom or building to building? No sweat. Education Pro works anywhere on the school’s network, and licensing is not confined to specific physical locations.

Saves energy and resources

School district officials waste thousands of dollars each year just by leaving computers on at night and in rooms that are not being used. According to Coding Horror, a personal computer costs around $80 per month to leave on continuously. Multiply that by 2000 computers, and wow — that’s a lot of money! (Here’s the formula for figuring the costs of leaving computers and servers running 24/7.)

Impero Education Pro features a sophisticated power management functionality that allows control over power usage from one central location. A comprehensive variety of reports enables schools to track savings and facilitate better efficiency. Education Pro customers typically realize a return on investment through the power management feature alone.

If your school district or IT team is in need of a tool to increase the efficiency in the classroom, improve a teacher’s focus on learning, or save money, time, and power across the board, Impero Education Pro is your best bet.

For a full list of the features and benefits of Impero Education Pro network, classroom, and device management software, go here, download the trial software, sign up for a webinar, email info@imperosoftware.com, or call 877.883.4370 today.